Professional Learning - Sensible business decisions under uncertainty

Knowledge Session: Decision making under uncertainty

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Even after your studies, you will never stop learning. Our lecturers are happy to help you deepen your knowledge. In the Knowledge Sessions, six webinars for alumni, our professors share their knowledge and insights on current, interesting and diverse topics. In this Knowledge Session prof. Kuno Huisman explains the 'decision quality concept' (Stanford University).

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"A decision is not a result"

  • prof. Kuno Huisman

    Kuno Huisman

    Professor of Decision Making under Uncertainty & Director Business Control Twinscan Factory at ASML

    We make a lot of decisions every day. When it comes to simple decisions, we often do so without being aware of it ourselves. Other decisions have a major impact, sometimes on the lives of others. In this webinar you will get acquainted with the 'decision quality concept' (Stanford University). In times of pressure and uncertain circumstances, this concept provides tools to make the right decisions.

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