Whinell (beursstudent) door Dolph Catrijn

Whinell Bunchee Togar has big dreams

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Whinell Bunchee Togar from Liberia studied Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. She obtained her master's degree with a scholarship from the Tilburg university Fund.

Whinell is married and has a son. She has now realized her dream of becoming a lecturer at the University of Liberia. She has specialized in the field of communication and also hopes to set up a communication  consultancy firm. Her Master’s degree of Communication and Information Sciences will help her realize this and other dreams and ambitions.

Whinell earned her Master’s degree in 2021. "I can hardly express how grateful I am to the University Fund and the donors for their wonderful contribution to this achievement. This part of my life story would never have materialized without their very generous support. The gratitude I owe them cannot be repaid. I am aware of the fact that this degree and this diploma come with an enormous responsibility for me to understand our society in accordance with the tradition of this university." 


I've always been motivated to be at my best, so that those that are looking up to me are inspired to do the same

- Whinell Bunchee Togar

To better understand society, Whinell will return to Liberia, where she will give back to her Alma mater, the University of Liberia, by sharing her knowledge. "I feel accomplished taking up this position, especially because at the moment I’m the youngest and the only female instructor with a Master’s degree. This will also help inspire other young people, my peers, and my colleagues: if Whinell can do it, so can they."

What the donors are doing is helping develop my country. Every person who comes here to learn and goes back is going to have an impact.

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Date of publication: 26 November 2021