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Why is it important to talk to babies?

Knowledge Snacks Marie Roelofs

Are you hungry for knowledge? Fancy a knowledge snack? Then watch this clip from science talk show De Tafel van Martinus in which associate professor Tineke Snijders talks about her research on brain language development in babies.

Tineke Snijders focuses on language development in the brain. She records brain activity in infants and children while they are listening to speech. “When communicating, we do not only listen, we also watch. The moving mouth informs us about the content and the rhythm of speech.” 

Her project will investigate how the maturing brain of infants and children uses this visual information to learn language, and how this changes with development. She will assess how the brains of autistic and non-autistic children differ in how they integrate what they see and hear, and how that influences understanding and learning language. This is important for creating an optimal language learning situation for children, which is crucial for their further development.

Tineke Snijders on brain language development in babies

Date of publication: 12 October 2023