Impact - Zero Hunger Lab

With the use of data science, less hunger in the world

How is the Zero Hunger Lab organized?

Within Tilburg University, the Zero Hunger Lab works independently on solutions for the world hunger problem. The researchers do this under the leadership of their own teams, which is supported by the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and is fed and monitored by the Science and Strategy Council.

Within the Zero Hunger Lab, several employees and Tilburg University Departments are active.

  • Perry Heijne is co-founder of the Zero Hunger Lab. As former CEO of CARE Netherlands and Board member of CARE International, he worked on humanitarian innovation and achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. CARE helps people fighting poverty and defending dignity.
  • Koen Peters, a PhD candidate, developed Optimus and now works as an employee at the World Food Programme in Rome.
  • Professor Dick den Hertog is involved as professor of Business Analysis.
  • Professor Hein Fleuren has been committed to the use of supply chain optimization models at humanitarian organizations for many years and is co-founder of the Zero Hunger Lab.
Zero Hunger Lab - Hein Fleuren

"Everyone knows the photographs of starving children. At the World Food Programme in Rome, they hang on the wall. As a hobby photographer, these pictures touch me, especially the one of a Jesuit girl in Syria. I can't help her personally, but through supply chain optimization I can help many children like her. I have already saved commercial companies a lot of money with my work. How great it is to be able to do something for mankind with my own field of research."

Professor Hein Fleuren


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