TiREG Events

As part of its research and education, TiREG organizes or contributes to a host of events, including research seminars, and academic and practitioner workshops and conferences organized at the regional, national, European or international level. It does so in close collaboration with other knowledge institutes and centers, and societal partners. 

Research Seminars

TiREG research is presented regularly in TiREG research seminars. Experts and practitioners are invited to attend and discuss our research as well as share their thoughts on gaps in the state of our knowledge on regional governance, promising avenues for further interdisciplinary research and possibilities for networking and collaboration. 


TiREG frequently organizes workshops or contributes to workshops organized by others. These workshops range from research workshops involving academic researchers and discussion of scholarly work to workshops with practitioners as part of executive programs. Increasingly, education and research are combined in workshop, while also knowledge creation and dissemination are integrated.


TiREG researchers present their work at academic conferences in the Netherlands, such as those of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), and abroad, such as those of the European Consortium for Political Research and the International Society of Public Law. They also give keynote speeches at practitioner conferences on the basis of their research.

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