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In research education TSB offers three programs: two Research Master programs and a PhD program. The programs consist of different tracks.

The Research Master Programs are intended for the best students in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. The very intensive two year master programs enables students to qualify for a PhD position or for a research career outside the university.

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Why would I want a PhD degree?

Obtaining a doctorate gives you the possibility to show your capabilities to work independently at a contribution to your field of interest by solid and innovative research. A PhD degree will be an advantage in the labor market, either in the academic world, in research institutions outside the academia, or in commercial companies.

What do you do as an internal PhD student?

In the Netherlands, the PhD student has the status of a temporary employee, and earns a reasonable salary. During the three or four years (at full-time position) you will conduct research, present your findings at international conferences, write articles that are publicized in peer-reviewed journals, follow courses and give courses in your own field to a limited degree. The freedom you are given in these aspects of a PhD requires a great deal of independence and self-discipline. In return, the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University gives you the opportunity to work with excellent researchers in many different fields. Last but not least, you will meet people from all over the world working on similar topics.

Educational requirement

A Master's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences or a related subject or an equivalent qualification is the minimum requirement. Four year Dutch HBO studies completed before 2002 is also eligible. In all cases the Doctoral Board decides whether the educational requirements are met.

Career opportunities

Of our internal PhD students almost all found a job upon completion of their PhD or even before completion. Most of them continue in academics as a researcher or teacher. But a large part of the graduates continue at research institutes, government or semi-governmental organizations.

Graduate School Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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