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  • 17 Apr 2019News

    Manifesto for improvements in science
    A group of 33 scientists in work and organizational psychology has written a manifesto in which they call for structural changes in science. The manifesto contains ten points in which they point at responsibilities of universities towards students, scientists, employees of organizations, and society. The scientists, of which many are employed at Dutch universities, hope in this way to make science more relevant. Read more

  • 16 Apr 2019News

    Koen van der Swaluw awarded Best Public Health Dissertation Prize
    During the Dutch Public Health Congress 2019 Dr. Koen van der Swaluw (1990) received the first prize (shared) in the competition for the best Public Health dissertation 2018. Read more

  • 15 Apr 2019News

    Mandatory audits for SMEs
    Robin Litjens, assistant professor accounting and auditing, wrote an opinion piece on mandatory audits for SMEs in the Dutch Financial Times (Financieel Dagblad) of 15 april. Read more

  • 03 Apr 2019News

    Dorien Kooij appointed professor of HRS
    Dr. T.A.M. (Dorien) Kooij has been appointed professor of Human Resource Studies (HRS) at the Department of HRS at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her research focuses on aging, older workers, motivation and HRM. Read more

  • 02 Apr 2019News

    Tilburg University Professors support Eritreans summoning EU to stop use of forced labor
    The Foundation Human Rights for Eritreans, a Netherlands-based organization of exiled Eritreans, is taking legal action against the European Union with independent expert advice from Tilburg University professors Conny Rijken and Mirjam van Reisen. The EU is financing activities in Eritrea for which forced labor is used, in a project of 20 million euros. This is a clear violation of human rights and the EU’s adherence to international legal obligations, states the Foundation. Read more

  • 25 Mar 2019News

    Excellent scores Communication and AI research Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
    The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences research programs Language, Communication and Cognition (LCC) and Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) received excellent scores in their latest assessment. Read more

  • 21 Mar 2019News

    Pensions in Transition: New Netspar Program Off the Ground
    Pension think-tank and knowledge network Netspar - founded at Tilburg University - has secured funding for a new program term and is launching an ambitious research agenda for 2019-2023, "Netspar NexT", with the support of its partners. Approximately 1 million euros will be available annually for new research on the social and economic consequences of an aging society. Read more

  • 20 Mar 2019Direct link

    New Zealand: White terrorism, white genocide and metapolitics2.0
    New Zealand: White terrorism, white genocide and metapolitics2.0 Read more

  • 18 Mar 2019Background

    Interview: More robots, more work
    Robots will take over all jobs, so it is often thought. On the contrary, say Charissa Freese and Ton Wilthagen: robots will create jobs. It’s just that these new jobs will be different, and the challenge is to anticipate which jobs will disappear, which ones will change, and what the new ones will be like – and when. Tilburg University aims to prepare employers and employees to the labor market of the near future. Read more

  • 15 Mar 2019Background

    Interview with Merlijn van Hulst: ‘I want to close the gap between educational vision and educational practice
    Merlijn van Hulst, Associate Professor at Tilburg Law School, is keenly interested in the developments within education at Tilburg University following the Tilburg Educational Profile and educational innovation. He has read the essay ‘Exploring an Educational Vision for Tilburg University’ by Alkeline van Lenning and Herman de Regt with interest and enthusiasm and ‘feels the need to close the gap between vision and educational practice. Read more