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  • 21 Feb 2019News

    Dave De ruysscher (Tilburg Law School) elected as member Flemish ‘Young Academy’
    Dave De ruysscher (Tilburg Law School, Free University of Brussels) has been elected as a member of the Flemish ‘Young Academy’. He will be inaugurated on Tuesday March 12 in the Palace of the Academies in Brussels. The Young Academy has elected eleven new members this year. Read more

  • 18 Feb 2019News

    Tilburg School of Economics and Management ranks #4 among Business Schools in Europe
    The Tilburg School of Economics and Management ranks #4 among Business Schools in Europe – based on research output. Read more

  • 15 Feb 2019News

    Registration for Tilburg University Summer School is now open!

  • 14 Feb 2019Press release

    Humboldt Research Award for Marc Swerts
    Prof. Marc Swerts from the Department of Communication and Cognition of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) has received a research award (Forschungspreis) from the German Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, for which he had been nominated by Prof. Dr. Bernd Möbius of Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. The prize is worth €60,000 and will be awarded during the 47th symposium of research award winners in March 2019 in Bamberg (Germany). Read more

  • 13 Feb 2019Background

    Interview: "W-i-l-l y-ou b-e m-y f-r-ie-n-d?"
    ‘The robots are coming’. Like many of us, teacher and researcher Paul Vogt believes that is what lies in store. They will find their way to schools, hospitals, and people’s homes. And of course, kids will like to play with them. A good idea, or is it? Read more

  • 12 Feb 2019News

    Discussion Paper TILEC: Gun control and homicides in the USA
    Does gun ownership lead to increased crime? This question is hotly debated, especially in the United States. Proponents of gun control point to gun-related violence, while proponents of the right to bear arms argue that gun ownership has a deterrent effect. David Schindler and Christoph Koenig found that purchase delays also had 3% lower homicide rates. Read more

  • 06 Feb 2019Press release

    Shame about poverty often increases poverty
    Shame is more common among people who have financial difficulties and is often accompanied by behavior that actually can perpetuate poverty. For example, money is spent on status symbols instead of basic necessities, and people have less social contact. And so a vicious circle of poverty ensues. This is discussed in the research of Arnoud Plantinga for his dissertation Poor Psychology: Poverty, Shame, and Decision Making, which he defended on Friday February 1 at Tilburg University. Read more

  • 04 Feb 2019News

    Eijffinger appointed SUERF Fellow
    Prof. dr. Sylvester Eijffinger (TiSEM) has been appointed SUERF Fellow for the period 2019-2024. Read more

  • 04 Feb 2019News

    Facts and figures about JADS
    Interested in some facts about the JADS initiative? Read all about it in the factsheet on our accomplishments at JADS. It paints an interesting picture of the positive developments and the enormous steps we’ve taken together on the journey. From attracting 30 million in research commitments to crossing the 1000 students marker in our combined programs it is good to look back sometimes and see how far we’ve come. Read more

  • 31 Jan 2019News

    TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in February
    This year will be TILT's 25th anniversary! 2019 will be full of events, symposia, international keynotes and more to celebrate that TILT was founded so many years ago and has grown to be one of the leading institutes in the world on law, technology and society. Read more