Language Center

Tilburg University is an internationally oriented research and education institute. The Language Center assists students, university staff, and non-university students in improving their language proficiency.

Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)

Do you have a degree and would you like to learn Dutch or improve your Dutch? Then you’re at the right place at the Language Center. You can choose from a wide range of courses. Our intensive program trains you to reach the level of the Dutch State Exam NT2, program II, within a year, and we offer in-depth courses to perfect your Dutch or you can learn how to survive day-to-day through our Social Dutch courses.

Intensive course for the Dutch State Exam

  • learn Dutch quickly and correctly
  • three consecutive courses in a year
  • ready for the Dutch State Exam, program II within a year
  • payment can be made with a DUO loan
  • start at your own level
  • three start dates annually: end of August, beginning of December and beginning of April
  • Special offer: register now, get your books for free!
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Courses after the Dutch State Exam

  • your current level: B2 of the Common European Reference Framework
  • emphasis on writing skills and conversational skills
  • geared toward advanced non-native speakers
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Dutch for Expats

  • geared toward highly-educated non-Dutch speakers who speak little or no Dutch
  • emphasis on day-to-day language use
  • practical vocabulary and basic grammar
  • objective is survival skills in day-to-day life
  • three-hour classes once a week
  • accelerated summer program available (daily classes for three weeks)
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Nederlands ná je studie (zomercursus)

More information about this course can be found on the site of Tilburg University Summer School.

Dutch only

Blik op werk Language Center

Tilburg University Language Center is accredited with the ‘Blik op Werk’ approval mark (aspirant status). This means that you can follow our intensive courses Dutch as a Second Language with the aid of DUO-loan. Our courses will resume on 6 December 2017. Please contact the Student Desk for more information.