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Strategic Management

Prepare yourself for managing a company's vital strategic decisions

The Master's program in Strategic Management provides you with the business acumen needed to make and implement the vital decisions facing every organization - through a comprehensive education that offers you the ultimate start for your future career in general management, consulting, or entrepreneurship.

Design and implement strategies

As a student of this program, you are taught by renowned Tilburg University professors who represent some of the world's leading expertise in the discipline. Learn what it takes to design - and implement - strategies aimed at sustainable advantage where financial and psychological issues all come in to play. Understand the real drivers of business performance, and how to select and apply solution-focused concepts, tools and models to emerging strategic issues.

Why choose the Master's program in Strategic Management

 A Tilburg University Master's program in Strategic Management offers you:

  • Best-practice teaching methods designed to develop your knowledge and hone key abilities. Methods range from the traditional to the experiential and interaction-based, including case study discussions, workshops, group-work, guest lectures and presentations
  • Go beyond scientific theory. Learn the most advanced scientific knowledge and methods while gaining a real understanding of how to apply this knowledge to the real-world challenges awaiting you in your career 
  • Strategic knowledge and skills that can be applied in any position within any organization - giving you immense flexibility in terms of job options and an excellent foundation for a future managerial career
  • The opportunity to specialize in Consultancy or Entrepreneurship
  • The opportunity to build additional expertise into your strategic management foundation by delving into related fields such as entrepreneurship and innovation

There are two start dates available for this Master's program: end of August and end of January.

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