Research Economics and Management

Research Economics and management

Tilburg University's research contributes to a better understanding of the current topics in society. Within the broad research palette in the field of economics and management we focus on e.g. labor markets, ageing, sustainability, innovation, market governance, banking, financial markets, entrepeneurship, marketing, and consumer behavior.

Current Research Topics

Euro Crisis

Europe is still in the midst of a financial crisis, which shakes the euro to its foundations. European leaders have taken steps to save the euro, but are they sufficient en what are the implications? Tilburg University researchers participate in finding the best solutions.

Sustainability and Society

Tilburg University's research into sustainability takes place on the interface of economics, ethics and law. The Tilburg Sustainability Center focuses on topics such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, sustainable investment, environmental economics and climate change.

Making Innovation Work

Researchers at Tilburg University are investigating possible solutions in various directions every day. Innovation is about how knowledge is applied, the degree of support for it in the community, good market research and marketing techniques, or collaboration with the right partners.

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