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ENGAGE.EU: European University engaged in societal change

ENGAGE.EU is a European University alliance bringing together over 100,000 students, academics and staff from seven leading universities. Building on their solid fundament in the social sciences, ENGAGE.EU set an ambitious agenda to enable our learners to act as socially engaged European citizens and to have impact on society at large.

million Euro

ENGAGE receives EU funding

+ 100,000
students and staff

ENGAGE brings together over 100,000 students, academics and staff

leading universities

create an innovating learning environment

Our goals

  • Built an inter-university ‘campus‘ creating where learners, staff and researchers enjoy seamless mobility to study or work at cooperating partner institutions.
  • Launch research networks and think tanks to strengthen our shared knowledge base. 
  • Install ENGAGE.EU Labs for students, academics and practitioners to co-create solutions for the societal challenges Europe is facing.
  • Create a meeting place for the community to engage in professional learning through programs tailored to their specific needs.

Solving complex social issues

ENGAGE is an alliance funded by the European University Initiative.  European Universities  have an ambitious mandate aimed to trigger unprecedented levels of institutionalized cooperation between higher education institutions, making it systemic, structural and sustainable. 

Being part of the ENGAGE consortium is a way to realize our ambition as university. We want to contribute to solving complex social issues. Now more than ever, this requires cooperation and co-creation, on the regional, national and international level.

Three paths

Engaged Learning


We will build a joint ENGAGE.EU  Campus with a common course catalogue and a range of real and virtual mobility opportunities embedded into our programmes. We offer thematic modules and signatory courses and micro-credentials to equip our learners with the new skills and competences they need to tackle current and future challenges.

Most of our courses will be blended and we commit to accompanying all our learners in innovative ways. By widening our learners’ and staffs’ international exposure, we will foster their responsiveness to society, to be knowledge-driven and open-minded citizens, who think out of the box and act across borders and disciplines.

The main element of our ENGAGE.EU Campus are an ENGAGE.EU Course Catalogue, Framework for Learning, embedded mobility and blended or online micro-credentials. We will use complementary specializations to compose innovative joint courses and programs. 


More information about mobility opportunities for students 


Engaged Research and Innovation

Research and innovation 

We will create the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank involving Communities for Societal Change that will map societal changes’ causes and consequences and provide analyses supporting the actions of the Alliance. We will push the boundaries of research and innovation by joining forces with actors from industry, non-profit organizations and the public sector, aiming for durable impact.

We will map and analyze societal change drivers, pool, share and link data resources. Transform our engagement in research and innovation by pooling our expertise in the ENGAGE.EU Networks and Communities for Societal Change, which will build the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank to enhance knowledge production.

In addition, we will map research and innovation structures, cultures and processes, develop ENGAGE.EU HR for academic and support staff and look for new ways to acknowledge societal engagement through ENGAGE.EU Metrics.


Engaged in Society


Bridging Research & Innovation and Society, we will set up a series of ENGAGE.EU Labs in which we integrate students, lifelong learners, researchers, innovators, companies, citizens’ initiatives and policy-makers working together to find knowledge-based solutions for real-life problems.
We will set up and organize ENGAGE.EU Dual Learning Programs helping practitioners to become influencers and bring about change in their respective organizations, combining the latest academic insights with the highest professional standards.

 A series of ENGAGE.EU Labs will generate knowledge-based solutions to greatest societal problems. Creating and offering wide range of micro-credentials that will allow students to acquire new skills and competences and to apply them in solving current and future societal challenges thus becoming socially engaged European citizens.

The ENGAGE.EU Labs offer a landing spot for innopreneurs to engage with external stakeholders.

ENGAGE.EU creates a fostering environment for innovation based entrepreneurs. We will install virtual and real spaces to contribute to acceleration and dissemination of innopreneurial activities.

By learning, people keep up with societal, technological and digital developments so that they can stay in control of their careers. Also 'soft skills' are needed, e.g.: being creative, being able to communicate, present and work in teams. Lifelong learning is essential to keep up with these challenges. We will set up professional learning activities for practitioners to face societal change and to act socially engaged, building on insights of the ENGAGE.EU Labs and the innopreneurship program.



Regional and international associate partners

ENGAGE.EU provides new perspectives and tools to react effectively and responsibly towards drivers of societal change. Pooling our ENGAGE.EU universities’ resources, knowledge and methodologies, sharing our inno-preneurial mindset and fostering the engagement with society in all regions will help to develop role models for dealing with societal transformation processes all over Europe and beyond.

Over 25 associated partners from all different regions, like municipalities, companies, NGOs and other actors in society will expand our source of experience and information.  From our region, ENGAGE is supported by  the municipality Tilburg, PON and Midpoint Brabant. This creates a great platform for innovations in teaching, research and outreach to society.

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Erasmus+ program

The European Universities  are an initiative within the Erasmus+ program of the European Union with the goal of establishing new standards of cooperation between higher education institutions. European Universities are intended to act as models of good practice to further increase the quality, international competitiveness and attractiveness of European higher education.

In July 2020, 41 European Universities representing over 280 higher education institutions from a diverse spectrum of higher education institutions and from all over Europe were funded through Erasmus+, complemented by Horizon 2020.


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