TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

TiSEM's seminars: Economics Workshops

These workshops are organized by Patricio Dalton and will be held every Wednesday, at 1.00 p.m. If you have questions please contact P.A. Munoz.

Upcoming Internal workshop seminars 2021

  • Oct 20, JMC Hybrid seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: K1206
    Chayanin Wipusanawan
    Title: Reasonable royalties for standard-essential patents and incentives to innovate
  • Oct 27, JMC Hybrid seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: K1206
    Michela Bonani
    Title: Single vs Multiple Standards: A Structural Analysis of the U.S. Wireless Telecommunications Industry
  • Nov 3, JMC seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: K 1206
    Peerawat Samranchit
    Title: Tba
  • Nov 10,  seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: Tbd
    José Carreño Bustos
    Title: Tba
  • Nov 17, seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: Tbd
    Mery Ferrando
    Title: Fair and welfare-consistent global income poverty measures: theory and application.
  • Nov 24,  seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: Tbd
    David Schindler
    Title: Tba
  • Dec 1,  seminar 13:00 hrs, Location: Tbd
    Florian Heine
    Title: Tba
  • Dec 8,  Dept meeting 13:00 hrs, Location: Tbd