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Top Publications 2017 Department of Finance

Published or forthcoming

Department of Finance
Braggion, Dwarkasing, Moore Nothing special about banks: Competition and bank lending in Britain, 1885-1925 Review of Financial Studies, 30(10), 3502-3537
Bongaerts, De Jong, Driessen An asset pricing approach to liquidity effects in corporate bond markets Review of Financial Studies, 30(4), 1229-1269
Liang, Renneboog Finance and society: On the foundations of corporate social responsibility Journal of Finance, 72(2), 853-910
Renneboog, Szilagyi, Vansteenkiste Creditor rights, claims enforcement, and bond performance in mergers and acquisitions Journal of International Business Studies, 48(2), 174-194
Da Rin, Phalippou The importance of size in private equity: Evidence from a survey of private equity limited partners Journal of Financial Intermediation, 31, 64-76
Kempf, Manconi, Spalt Distracted shareholders and corporate actions Review of Financial Studies, 30(5), 1660-1695

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