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Education department of Public Law and Governance (PLG)

The Department of Public Law & Governance is a unique collaboration in the field of Public Law and Public Administration, in which various disciplines work together: International Law, European law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Public Administration, Legal Philosophy, Political Science, Legal History and Jurisprudence.

This multidisciplinary composition ensures that our knowledge is used in virtually all programs of Tilburg Law School, and also the Bachelor's program in Liberal Arts & Sciences. In addition, our lecturers are asked to teach general law and public administration subjects in other programs at Tilburg University, and they play an important role in, for example, the Moot Court and the Top Class (see below).

This broad knowledge and experience, and educational strength, has not gone unnoticed outside the university either. Academic staff and lecturers from PLG are much sought-after guest lecturers on external courses. A special collaboration is that the Public Law & Governance Department coordinates the Aldermen's Program, together with the Aldermen's Association.