Tilburg Graduate Law School

Good training for PhD researchers and best evaluated legal research.

Tilburg Graduate Law School (TGLS)

The Tilburg Graduate Law School is responsible for education and general support of researchers who wish to obtain their doctorate.

Furthermore the Graduate School is also responsible for the organization and overall quality of the Research Master in Law program.

This LLM is a two-year master's program designed for talented bachelor's students with strong analytical skills and an interest in academic research.

For those who aspire to a career as legal researcher, there are several possibilities to obtain a doctorate at Tilburg Law School. Every year we welcome an increasing number of new PhD candidates from all over the world. Tilburg Law School aims to achieve the highest possible standard of research by focusing on legal methodology and the interdisciplinary study of law.

Our international orientation as well as our ranking among the best law schools in Europe makes Tilburg Law School the best choice for pursuing a doctorate. At Tilburg Law School you will find an ambitious, stimulating and intellectual challenging academic environment. The PhD candidates form a strong and lively community within the Law School.

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