STRIDE - Student-Teacher Transition and Individual Development

Project STRIDE studies personality development of students from the beginning of their teacher education until the start of working as teachers. The focus is on the development of personality, self-esteem and identity and how everyday experiences (such as emotions and events) are linked to development in these characteristics.

What is the aim of project STRIDE?

The aim of project STRIDE is to study the personal development of students during and after their teacher education. Specifically, we are interested in how personality, self-esteem and identity as a teacher develop. In addition, project STRIDE will investigate how everyday experiences (such as emotions and events) help explain these changes.

The project is conducted by researchers from Tilburg University in collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences, where the data collection takes place.

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Who funds this research?

The research is funded by a 4-year grant from the call "Healthy Lifespan" of the Herbert Simon Research School at Tilburg University, awarded to Anne Reitz

What is the timeline?

Participants will take part in 4 to 5 different measurements. The first measurement took place in September 2021 (the start of the academic year), with subsequent measurements every four months (January 2022, May 2022, September 2022). Fourth-year students will take part in a 5th measurement in March 2023 to cover their transition to work.

What constructs are measured?

We measured a wide range of constructs linked to personality, self-esteem, teacher identity, work context and well-being. We also measure daily experiences such as personality states, emotions, events, and activities.


Interested in the study? Want to collaborate? Please reach out to Ketaki Diwan.

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  • Dr. Anne Reitz

    Dr. Anne Reitz

    Principal Investigator and PhD supervisor

    Developmental Psychology - Tilburg University

  • Christina Meyers

    Dr. Christina Meyers

    Researcher and external PhD supervisor

    collaborator and an external advisor

  • Anouke Bakx

    Prof.dr. Anouke Bakx


    at Fontys Hogeschool

  • Evelyne Meens

    Dr. Evelyne Meens


    at Fontys Hogeschool

  • Ketaki Diwan

    Ketaki Diwan

    PhD Student

    Developmental Psychology - Tilburg University

  • Flavia Chereches

    Flavia Chereches

    Student assistant
  • Evelien Hoksberg

    Evelien Hoksberg

    Student assistant
  • Evy van Roij

    Evy van Roij

    Student assistant