GO-LAB Gedragsfysiologisch Onderzoekslaboratorium

Research Mission Go-LAB

The behavioral physiology research laboratory (GO-LAB) engages in experimental, theory-building research.

Two broad goals are pursued: 

(1) Develop and expand the understanding of the fundamental behavioral and biological processes through which psychological factors increase the risk of chronic medical and psychological disorders; and (2) To employ experimental manipulations to identify the fundamental behavioral and biological responses as related to individual differences in trait and state psychological phenomena.

These targets are relevant to health and disease processes and will ultimately result in translation of basic empirical data into psychobiological-based theories into clinical practice and other societal relevant applications.

To accomplish this research mission, the GO-LAB activities are organized around two thematic areas: (a) Emotion expression and emotional regulation; and (b) Individual differences in psychological, behavioral and biological response patterns to environmental challenges. Within each of these areas, specific research lines are formulated that are embedded in the research of the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology.