Tilburg University department Methodology

Colloquia Department Methodology and Statistics

The Department of Methodology and Statistics regularly organizes colloquia. Researchers from the Department as well as guest speakers present their latest developments and applications of advanced methodology and statistics.

This colloquium is open to all interested people. For more information you can contact the coordinators Dr. Michèle Nuijten and Dr. Kim De Roover.

Upcoming colloquia

  • 18 February, 12.45 hrs, location AZ 019
    Erik-Jan van Kesteren
    Utrecht University
    Title: Structural Equation Modeling as Computation Graphs
  • 17 March, 12.45 hrs, location AZ 019
    Sophie van der Sluis
    VU Medical Center
    Title: t.b.a.
  • 21 April, 12.45 hrs, location AZ 019
    Eiko Fried
    Leiden University
    Title: t.b.a.
  • 26 May, 12.45 hrs, location AZ 019
    Janne Adolf
    KU Leuven
    Title: t.b.a.

Past Colloquia

  •  3 December, 12.45 hrs, location TZ 005
    Tom Wilderjans
    Leiden University
    Title: Clustering multi-subject brain data with Clusterwise Independent Component Analysis
  • 1 October, 12.45 hrs, location TZ 003
    Judith ter Schure
    CWI Amsterdam
    Title: The rules of the game called significance testing
  • 24 September, 12.45 hrs, location CubeZ17
    Silvia Columbu
    University of Cagliari
    Title: On the use of the Multilevel Latent Classes approach to measure University Quality and some possible methodological extensions
  • 17 September, 12.45 hrs, location TZ005
    Wim Van den Noortgate 
    KU Leuven
    Title: The meta-analysis of dependent effect sizes. Multilevel models to the rescue
  • 3 September, 12.45 hrs, location TZ005
    Sanne Willems
    University of Leiden
    Title:  Optimal Scaling transformations to model non-linear relations in GLMs for categorical and ordinal data
  • 26 August, 13.00 hrs, location AZ209
    Jimmy de la Torre
    University of Hong Kong
    Title: Cognitive Diagnosis Models: A Quick Overview, Some Applications, and Recent Developments