Tilburg University department Methodology

Colloquia Department Methodology and Statistics

The Department of Methodology and Statistics regularly organizes colloquia. Researchers from the Department as well as guest speakers present their latest developments and applications of advanced methodology and statistics.

This colloquium is open to all interested people. For more information you can contact the coordinators: Dr. Robbie van Aert and Dr. Francisco Bahamonde Birke

Upcoming Colloquia 2022

  • September 6, 12:45 hrs. in Cube 21
    Giuseppe Arena
    Tilburg University
    Title: Can we please forget about the past? A relational event model for learning the influence of negative and positive events

  • October 18, 12:45 hrs. in Cube 21
    Ruben Lopez Nicolas
    University of Murcia
    Title: Transparency, reproducibility, data sharing and data reusability in meta-analysis

  • November 1, 12:45 hrs. in Cube 21
    Elise Dusseldorp
    Leiden University
    Title: Globally Optimal Trees in Classification and Regression: ExactTree 

  • December 6, 12:45 hrs. in Cube 21
    Title: t.b.a.

Colloquia 2022

  • February 1
    Augustin Kelava
    University of Tübingen
    Title: Forecasting intra-individual changes of affective states taking into account inter-individual differences using intensive longitudinal data from a university student drop out study in math
  • March 3
    Paul Buerkner
    University of Stuttgart
    Title: t.b.d.
  • April 12
    Chris Hartgerink 
    Liberate Science GmbH
    Title: ResearchEquals.com - an open source publishing platform
  • May 3
    Marcel Schmitt
    University of Koblenz-Landau
    Title: Modeling emotion differentiation via latent Markov factor analysis