Tilburg University department Methodology

Colloquia Department Methodology and Statistics

The Department of Methodology and Statistics regularly organizes colloquia. Researchers from the Department as well as guest speakers present their latest developments and applications of advanced methodology and statistics.

This colloquium is open to all interested people. For more information you can contact the coordinators: Dr. Robbie van Aert and Dr. Francisco Bahamonde Birke

Colloquia 2023

  • September 5, 12.45 hrs. Cube 20
    Femke Truijens
    Erasmus Universiteit
    Title: What is it like to score questionnaires on mental health? Utilizing qualitative methods for valid and meaningful self-report measurement
  • October 3, 12.45 hrs.
    Info will follow
  • November 11, 12.45 hrs.
    Info will follow
  • December 5, 12.45 hrs.
    Info will follow

Previous colloquia 2023

  • January 17, 12:45 hrs. Cube 221
    Wim van der Linden
    University of Twente
    Title: The New Paradigm of Adaptive Testing
  • March 7, 12:45 hrs. Cube 221
    S.M. Labib
    Utrecht University
    Title: Greenspace exposure and health relation: different modeling, different stories!
  • April 4, 12:45 hrs. Cube 221
    Max Welz
    Erasmus University
    Title: I Don't Care Anymore: Identifying the Onset of Careless Responding
  • May 2, 12:45 hrs.
    Maarten Bijlsma
    Groningen University
    Title: Modelling the socio-economic determinants of fertility: a mediation analysis using the parametric g-formula
  • May 16, 12:45 hrs.
    Nicola Piras
    University of Cagliari, Sardinia
    Title: Extending Latent Class Models for dealing with Multilevel Cross-Classified data structures