As a university, we want to be at the center of society. We do this by acquiring and sharing knowledge through scientific research and education. The core tasks of the contemporary university are to conduct scientific research and education and to realize social impact. Professors, together with their teams, play a crucial role in this and, through their chairs, contribute to dealing with social issues. We pride ourselves on having professors who are connected to practice.

As a university, we attach great importance to transparency, also about external funding of chairs other than government funding. An overview of all chairs within our university can be found in the document 'Overview of Chairs'.  This overview also indicates whether the chair is externally funded.

Download Overview of Chairs

The overview is updated on a regular basis. The date for the latest update can be found in the document.

If you have any questions, please contact our spokesperson Imre van der Meulen at


Our full professors are the standard-bearers of our university and are primarily responsible for the quality of academic education and research. They are selected through careful procedures and appointed by the Executive Board on the basis of their qualities according to the principles of Recognition & Rewards | Tilburg University.

In addition to the regular full professor, we also know the endowed professor. An endowed professor holds an endowed chair established by an external organization. They too are appointed by the Executive Board through the same careful procedures that apply to regular full professors. Read more about  Endowed Chairs Tilburg University.

Finally, the Executive Board appoints university professors. The university professor is an ambassador of the university and represents a top position within and outside Tilburg University. He/she is a source of innovation for the university and a source of inspiration for students, researchers, and lecturers.