Rowing, collobartion at its finest


Tilburg University is right at the heart of society. We share our knowledge and work together on research, innovation, and solutions to challenges that society is faced with. We can work together in all kinds of different ways: with individual researchers, within institutes, within research programs, in courses and in partnerships, and of course with our students.

in revenues from collaboration with others

More than 10% of the university’s revenues come from collaboration with others

Best communicating university

Our scientists and scholars share their knowledge in newspapers, in magazines, on radio- and TV shows, and on the Internet

conferences and symposiums

organized monthly to offer collaboration a platform

Partnerships and institutes

Tilburg University has a number of partnerships and more than 40 research institutes. Besides this, we are very active on other platforms, both in our region and beyond.

  • Program for Broad Prosperity - the connecting link between science and practice
  • MindLabs - a collaboration "Where Minds, Media & Technology meet”.
  • JADS - data science community in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • ENGAGE.EU - European University engaged in societal change
  • CoEV - center of excellence for European values

Find the platform that suits you.

Collaboration with scientists and scholars

Collaboration with scientists and scholars can take place via contract research.

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Collaboration with students

Each year, some 4000 students graduate from our university and start looking for a job. In preparing for their careers, they are often look for traineeships, or places where they can finish their studies. Out Career Portal offers a platform for companies, organizations, and students to come into contact with each other.

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Samenwerkingsproject Passport4work

“Passport4Work is an innovation that benefits jobseekers as well as employers.”

- Eindhoven alderman Yasin Torunoglu on collaboration with ten chain partners in the job market innovation project

Collaboration in education

Increasingly, our educational programs too are set up in collaboration with others. In teacher training, for instance, we work closely together with Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs (OMO) (an association of secondary schools located mainly in the province of North Brabant), the data science program is a collaboration between us and the Eindhoven University of Technology, and more and more Extended Master’s programs are set up in collaboration with the business world.

Why work together with Tilburg University?

  • Benefit from scientific research and scientific research methods
  • Connect science with daily practice
  • Together with us, work on Science that Matters!

Need help finding the right portal?

Are you interested in collaboration with the university but still looking for the right portal? We understand that the university will come across as a complex organization, and we are more than happy to help you along. If you answer a number of questions for us, we will very quickly be able to determine the best way to do that.