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Listen to the science podcast about greed

Science Quest

In Science Quest, the Tilburg University Podcast, scientists seek answers to questions about people and society that concern us all. From war to peace. From climate to your wallet, from care to organization and from big data to dating. Our own experts discuss the newest, funniest and most talked-about insights from their own research.

In the tenth episode researchers Karlijn Hoyer (social psychology) and Niels van der Ven (consumer behavior) talk about the many traits of greed. And with professor of theology Willem Marie Speelman we philosophize if greed can be a virtue or a vice.

This podcast is only available in Dutch.

Our scientists

  • Niels van de Ven Niels van de Ven

    Associate Professor

    'Greedy people also exhibit more unethical behavior, such as not returning a found wallet'

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  • Karlijn Hoyer

    dr. Karlijn Hoyer

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    'Greedy people are more likely to be lonely and have fewer children'

And in our item, The Walk, Willem Marie Speelman, Professor of theology, further philosophizes on the virtue or vice of greed.

Date of publication: 13 June 2023