As an associate professor in marketing, I get to study human behavior, with a focus on consumer behavior. My research mainly falls in one of two domains:



  • Envy and Inequality. I study how envy influences behavior, with a special interest in when it motivates people to do better themselves and acquire the envied object. This research helps to understand how people respond to inequality or preferential treatment.

  • Consumer Decision Making. I study the effect of motives (greed, doubt, temptation, curiosity) and emotion (envy, regret) on consumer decisions. These can be consumption choices or financial behavior, for example product preferences, saving, or the use of microtransactions in computer games.


Recent publications

  1. Strength Is still a weakness in coalition formation - Replicating and…

    Wissink, J., Beest, I. V., Pronk, T., & Ven, N. V. D. (2021). Strength Is still a weakness in coalition formation: Replicating and understanding the Strength-is-Weakness effect. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
  2. What causes the strength-is-weakness effect in coalition formation - …

    Wissink, J., van Beest, I., Pronk, T., & van de Ven, N. (2021). What causes the strength-is-weakness effect in coalition formation: Passive adoption or active selection of self-serving allocation rules? European Journal of Social Psychology.
  3. Dispositional greed scales

    Zeelenberg, M., Seuntjens, T. G., van de Ven, N., & Breugelmans, S. (Accepted/In press). Dispositional greed scales. European Journal of Psychological Assessment.
  4. Tears evoke the intention to offer social support - A systematic inve…

    Zickfeld, J. H., van de Ven, N., Pich, O., Schubert, T. W., Berkessel, J. B., Pizarro, J. J., Bhushan, B., Mateo, N. J., Barbosa, S., Sharman, L., Kökönyei, G., Schrover, E., Kardum, I., Aruta, J. J. B., Lazarevic, L. B., Escobar, M. J., Stadel, M., Arriaga, P., Dodaj, A., ... Vingerhoets, A. (2021). Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countries. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 95, [104137].
  5. Envy and social comparison

    van de Ven, N., & Zeelenberg, M. (2020). Envy and social comparison. In J. Suls, R. Collins, & L. Wheeler (Eds.), Social Comparison in Judgment and Behavior (pp. 223-247). Oxford University Press. ,

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