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Developments in language models are moving at lightning speed. As if out of nowhere, there was suddenly ChatGPT. Within a few minutes you have a PowerPoint presentation with impressive slides, a digital painting or a poem. Microsoft and Google, meanwhile, are working hard on their own language models. Experts expect that we will soon have ChatGPT simply integrated into our Windows program. So the question is no longer whether we use it, but how.

We talk about it with Assistant Professors Janneke van der Loo and Jan de Wit, for whom ChatGPT is everyday fare. Psychologist Seger Breugelmans shines his light on our human relationship with ChatGPT.

This podcast is only available in Dutch.

Our scientists

  • Janneke van der Loo

    Janneke van der Loo

    Assistant Professor

    "ChatGPT will not save us time, but it can help us improve the quality of our work, if we learn how to use it properly. So, how can we use ChatGPT responsibly in our education? To what extent does ChatGPT help with learning?”

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  • Jan de Wit

    Jan de Wit

    Universitair docent

    "It is good to rethink our assignments. If an assignment is easy to make with ChatGPT, does the assignment meet the learning objective? As a teacher, it also makes you reconsider things."

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Date of publication: 9 October 2023