Livelihood security

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Social and economic security: it was one of the most important issues in the recent Dutch parliamentary elections and also the central theme of this edition of Tilburg University Magazine. Social and economic security is about the certainty that you will continue to have the means to support yourself. But it is also about good (mental) health, affordable and sustainable homes, and an inclusive labor market. Themes that Tilburg University is committed to in its education and research. Prosperity in a broad sense.

By means of research, the university wants to contribute to solutions, for the present as well as the future, with the ultimate goal of stimulating broad prosperity for everyone, not only for the present generation, but also for future ones and for people elsewhere in the world. In this edition of Tilburg University Magazine, we highlight a number of subjects that touch upon people’s social and economic security. For instance, we show how the Academic Collaborative Center for Digital Health & Mental Wellbeing is working on a wonderful mission: ‘To make working on your mental health the most normal thing in the world by the year 2030.’ This mission links up with the story of alumna and former Dean of Students Mies Hezemans: “You want to be careful not to stimulate unhealthy competition.” In a new episode of our science podcast Science Quest, we talk with various researchers about social and economic security and, in the interview with Jenny Slatman, the philosopher argues that not everyone receives the best possible care because of the artificial separation of mind and body. In the Fact Check, we found out whether it is true that increasingly many people rely on the help of a food bank. Read more on how the Zero Poverty Lab uses scientific research to realize social impact, in terms of poverty reduction, food security, and participation in our society again. Columnist Frank van Pamelen wishes a new Cabinet the inspiration of Cobbenhagen’s philosophy of being mindful of all.

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Date of publication: 23 November 2023