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Science Quest

In our podcast Science Quest, our in-house experts discuss the latest, funniest and most talked-about insights from their own research. In this episode, we look at the wolf: what is its place in our country?

Tempers about the wolf are running so high that Minister of Nature and Nitrogen Christianne van der Wal is proposing a broad public dialogue about its place in our country. Does such a debate make sense? And is there actually any polarization at all? Doesn't the excitement about him have something to do with the fact that we have grown weary of him? After all, how much damage is the wolf doing now? And how dangerous is he really?

A conversation about the wolf with conservation law researcher Arie Trouwborst and sociologist and lecturer Quita Muis who knows all about changing values in Europe. In the section to walk, Femke Trommels talks further with philosopher Herman de Regt.

This podcast is only available in Dutch 

  • Quita Muis

    Quita Muis

    Sociologist and teacher

    'The wolf is used in the social debate about group identity. Like: well you are for the farmers, then you are also against the wolf. It belongs to identitarian package opinions.'

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  • Arie Trouwborst 2019

    Arie Trouwborst

    Professor of Nature Conservation Law

    'The arrival of the wolf is one of the examples that illustrate the effectiveness of European regulations on nature protection. He is also important for biodiversity.'

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  • Herman de Regt

    Herman de Regt


    "The question about wolf reintroduction really revolves around: who decides for me what happens to my environment?

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Recording: Ed Boschman (Tilburg University)

Assembly: Koen Aarts (Bongaloo)

Date of publication: 10 January 2023