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Arbeidsparticipatie van mensen met autisme - Extern promotieonderzoek

Gepubliceerd: 01 maart 2019 Laatst bijgewerkt: 03 maart 2020

Ir. M. Bergijk BSc., Prof. dr. J. van Weeghel, Prof. dr. E.P.M. Brouwers, Dr. J. de Winter

Work participation of autistic people is low, despite willingness to participate. During my PhD-project I want to find out what the causes are of this low participation rate and what can be done to increase their work participation .

At this moment we are processing the results of a Systematic Review for articles researching the perspective of autistic people on work and in particular at themselves as employee.

In the next phase we want to conduct a focus group study on how autistic people look at work, what their experiences are finding a job, and their experiences are with keeping a job. We also want to research their viewpoint on not having a job. This phase is subsidized by the Tilburg Alumni Fund with a scholarship.