CentER PhD theses 2013

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2013.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2013 nr.376

    Kneer, E.C. Essays on the size of the financial aector, financial liberalization and growth
  2. 2013 nr.375

    Ma, K. Essays on financial fragility and regulation
  3. 2013 nr.374

    de Bresser, J.R. Between goals and expectations
  4. 2013 nr.373

    Langestraat, R. Environmental policies in competitive electricity markets
  5. 2013 nr.372

    Hu, J. Macroeconomic announcements and financial markets
  6. 2013 nr.371

    Slot, J.H. Crossing boundaries
  7. 2013 nr.370

    Varvitsiotis, A. Combinatorial conditions for low rank solutions in semidefinite programming
  8. 2013 nr.369

    Mao, Y. Essays on leveraged buyouts
  9. 2013 nr.368

    Wang, W. Essays on model averaging and political economics
  10. 2013 nr.367

    Ji, K. Essays on tax policy, institutions, and output
  11. 2013 nr.366

    Nguyen, D.K. Blueprint model and language for engineering cloud applications
  12. 2013 nr.365

    Silva Buston, C.F. Essays on risk management and systematic risk
  13. 2013 nr.364

    Ugur, Z.B. From headscarves to donation
  14. 2013 nr.363

    Pieters, A.J.H.M. Care and cure
  15. 2013 nr.362

    Vellekoop, N. Essays on household saving, religion and pay frequency
  16. 2013 nr.361

    Peters, C.A.T. The faltering legitimacy of international tax law
  17. 2013 nr.360

    Leung, P.Y.E. The influence of reporting standards and inter-firm relationships on financial reporting
  18. 2013 nr.359

    Zenthöfer, A.F. Essays on development economics
  19. 2013 nr.358

    de Alencar Silva, P. Value activity monitoring
  20. 2013 nr.357

    Peeters, T.J.G. External knowledge search and use in new product development
  21. 2013 nr.356

    Lu, L. Essays on banking and finance in China
  22. 2013 nr.355

    Todorov, R.I. Essays on banking and regulation
  23. 2013 nr.354

    Michielsen, T.O. Essays in environmental and resource economics
  24. 2013 nr.353

    Bonenkamp, J. Risk, redistribution and retirement
  25. 2013 nr.352

    Pataracchia, B. Ambiguity aversion and heterogeneity in financial markets
  26. 2013 nr.351

    Kozarski, R. Pricing and hedging in the VIX derivative market
  27. 2013 nr.350

    van der Meijden, G.C. The macroeconomic dynamics of trade liberalization, resource exploitation, and backstop technologies
  28. 2013 nr.349

    van Oudheusden, P. Essays on fiscal policy
  29. 2013 nr.348

    Santos Raposo, P.M. Flexibility of the labor market
  30. 2013 nr.347

    Aquaro, M. Pairwise difference estimation of linear panel data
  31. 2013 nr.346

    Jayasinghe Arachchig, J. A unified modeling framework for service design
  32. 2013 nr.345

    Singer, D.E.M. The role of institutions in international finance
  33. 2013 nr.344

    Ozdemir, O. Simulation modeling and optimization of competitive electricity markets and stochastic fluid systems
  34. 2013 nr.343

    Chahim, M. Impulse control maximum principle
  35. 2013 nr.342

    Leufkens, A.S. Accounts of interest and strategies of inter-organizational projects
  36. 2013 nr.341

    Amoroso, S. Heterogeneity of innovative, collaborative, and productive firm-level processes
  37. 2013 nr.340

    van Kervel, V.L. Competition between stock exchanges and optimal trading