CentER PhD theses 2014

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2014.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2014 nr.422

    Breaban, A.G. Behavior and asset markets
  2. 2014 nr.421

    Mermer, A.G. Essays in behavioral economics
  3. 2014 nr.420

    Rogiest, S.E.A.M. Change in police organizations
  4. 2014 nr.419

    Miranda Sarmento, J.J. Public private partnerships
  5. 2014 nr.418

    Zhou, Y. Essays on habit formation and inflation hedging
  6. 2014 nr.417

    Bonner, C. Liquidity regulation and bank behavior
  7. 2014 nr.416

    Boonman, H.J. Strategic real options
  8. 2014 nr.415

    Penasse, J.N.G. Asset prices and priceless assets
  9. 2014 nr.414

    Dieler, T. Essays on asset trading
  10. 2014 nr.413

    Lubberman-Schrotenboer, I.G. Dynamics of payments, conflict and economic activity
  11. 2014 nr.412

    Pikulina, E.S. Incentives, behavioral biases, and risk taking
  12. 2014 nr.411

    Karehnke, P. Portfolio choice and asset pricing with endogenous beliefs and skewness preference
  13. 2014 nr.410

    Lei, J. Essays on nonlinear panel data models
  14. 2014 nr.409

    Yu, Y. Essays on relationship banking
  15. 2014 nr.408

    Bernal Lobato, N. Essays in applied microeconomics
  16. 2014 nr.407

    Karatas, B. Financial crisis and monetary policy
  17. 2014 nr.406

    Bertay, A.C. Essays on the impact of government policy, internationalization and financial innovation on financial stability
  18. 2014 nr.405

    Truetsch, U. A semidefinite programming based branch-and-bound framework for the quadratic assignment problem
  19. 2014 nr.404

    Çürük, M. Essays on economic growth and international trade
  20. 2014 nr.403

    Smid, H. Rhetoric and realities of corporate social responsibility
  21. 2014 nr.402

    de Roode, F.A. Model uncertainty in financial markets
  22. 2014 nr.401

    Niu, G. Essays on subjective expectations and mortality trends
  23. 2014 nr.400

    Urzúa Infante, F. Essays on ownership and control
  24. 2014 nr.399

    Barlage, M. Essays on the relations between European police forces and their stakeholders
  25. 2014 nr.397

    Sen, S. Essays in environmental and political economics
  26. 2014 nr.396

    Pamuk, H. Innovation systems, saving, trust, and economic development in Africa
  27. 2014 nr.395

    Borgers, A.C.T. Responsible investing
  28. 2014 nr.393

    Selçuk, O. Structural restrictions in cooperation
  29. 2014 nr.392

    Ma, N. Optimal scope of supply chain network & operations design
  30. 2014 nr.391

    Yanikoglu, I. Robust optimization methods for chance constrained, simulation-based, and bilevel problems
  31. 2014 nr.390

    Sucre Reyes, M.A. Finance, growth and social fairness
  32. 2014 nr.389

    Dwarkasing, N.R.D. Essays on historical banking
  33. 2014 nr.388

    van Lin, Arjen Grocery retail dynamics and store choice
  34. 2014 nr.387

    Kramer, A.E. Resilient networks in healthcare
  35. 2014 nr.386

    Yin, H. Organizational architecture and pro-social behavior
  36. 2014 nr.385

    Mosk, T.C. Essays on banking
  37. 2014 nr.384

    van Kleef, J.A.G. Learning to learn for innovation and sustainable development
  38. 2014 nr.383

    Koster, H.R. Essays on sustainable supply management
  39. 2014 nr.382

    Kosse, A. Consumer payment choices
  40. 2014 nr.381

    Boons, M.F. Sorting out commodity and macroeconomic risk in expected stock returns
  41. 2014 nr.380

    Stasiukynaite, R. Essays on validation and estimation of agent-based models and on overconfidence measures
  42. 2014 nr.379

    Groote Schaarsberg, M. Interactive operational decision making
  43. 2014 nr.378

    Boonen, T.J. Game-theoretic approaches to optimal risk sharing
  44. 2014 nr.377

    Raes, L.B.D. On the influence of institutional design on monetary policy making