CentER PhD theses 2017

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2017.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2017 nr.542

    Kuiper, Ivo Essays on investing in stock and bond markets
  2. 2017 nr.541

    van Holle, Frederiek Essays in empirical finance and monetary policy
  3. 2017 nr.540

    Gonzalez Jimenez, Victor On the psychological motives of economic performance
  4. 2017 nr.538

    Xu, Yilong Experiments on asset markets & decision making
  5. 2017 nr.537

    Dengler, Sebastian Economic essays on privacy, big data, and climate change
  6. 2017 nr.535

    Malagón González, Jonathan Four essays on central banking in Latin America under balance of payments dominance
  7. 2017 nr.534

    Heeringa, Willem Essays on pay-as-you-go pension schemes, demographics, fiscal policy, credit rationing and house prices
  8. 2017 nr.533

    Marandi, Ahmadreza Aspects of quadratic optimization - nonconvexity, uncertainty, and applications
  9. 2017 nr.532

    de Heij, Hans A model for use-centered design of payment instruments applied to banknotes
  10. 2017 nr.531

    Verstegen, Loes On fiscal and monetary integration in Europe
  11. 2017 nr.530

    Wen, Xingang Investment under uncertainty
  12. 2017 nr.529

    Haans, Richard Disentangling novelty and usefulness
  13. 2017 nr.528

    Fabo, B. Towards an understanding of job matching using web data
  14. 2017 nr.527

    Horváth, Ferenc Essays on robust asset pricing
  15. 2017 nr.526

    Birhane, Lakew Alemu Citizenship behavior and turnover intention
  16. 2017 nr.524

    Perez Padilla, Mitzi Risk, time and social preferences
  17. 2017 nr.523

    Spanjer, Anne The impact of experience on the behavior and performance of self-employed and entrepreneurs. Three empirical studies
  18. 2017 nr.522

    van den Oever, Koen Uncharted waters
  19. 2017 nr.521

    Yao, Yuxin Essays on economics of language and family economics
  20. 2017 nr.520

    Huberts, Nick Strategic investment in innovation
  21. 2017 nr.519

    Fernandez Machado, Roxana Essays on empirical industrial organization
  22. 2017 nr.518

    Boon, Ling-Ni Stakeholders in pension finance
  23. 2017 nr.517

    Luo, Mancy Essays in financial intermediation and political economy
  24. 2017 nr.516

    Terzi, Ayse Essays on behavioral finance
  25. 2017 nr.515

    Sheabo Dessalegn, S. Social capital and maternal health care use in rural Ethiopia
  26. 2017 nr.514

    Keller, Kristopher Private labels
  27. 2017 nr.513

    Abi Morshed, Alaa Three essays in applied macroeconomics and time series analysis
  28. 2017 nr.512

    Musegaas, Marieke Cooperative games and network structures
  29. 2017 nr.511

    Elifneh, Yohannes Workeaferahu Adoption of corporate social responsibility in least developed countries-comparative case studies research in the Ethiopian brewery sector
  30. 2017 nr.510

    Cervený, Jakub Essays in applied microeconometrics
  31. 2017 nr.509

    Zhang, Jingwen The adaptation of management control systems to different agents
  32. 2017 nr.508

    Bos, Marijke Essays in development economics
  33. 2017 nr.507

    Balvert, Marleen Improving the quality, efficiency and robustness of radiation therapy planning and delivery through mathematical optimization
  34. 2017 nr.506

    Zhao, Yunwei Analysis and prediction on topic diffusion in social media
  35. 2017 nr.505

    Lin, P. Essays on consumer welfare
  36. 2017 nr.504

    Mikolik, Gerlinde Building best practice automotive after sales network
  37. 2017 nr.503

    Postek, Krzysztof Distributionally and integer adjustable robust optimization
  38. 2017 nr.502

    Shu, Lei Essays on retirement income provision
  39. 2017 nr.501

    Dwarkasing, Mintra Essays on inequality and finance
  40. Semiparametric inference for non-LAN models

    Zhou, Bo