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CentER Discussion Papers 2016

  1. 2016 nr.048

    Zhen, Jianzhe, & den Hertog, Dick Centered Solutions for Uncertain Linear Equations (revision of CentER DP 2015-044)
  2. 2016 nr.047

    de Haan, J., & Eijffinger, Sylvester The Politics of Central Bank Independence
  3. 2016 nr.046

    Schankerman, Mark, & Schütt, Florian Screening for Patent Quality
  4. 2016 nr.045

    van Riet, Ad Government Funding Privileges in European Financial Law
  5. 2016 nr.044

    Peters, Koen, Fleuren, Hein, den Hertog, Dick, Kavelj, Mirjana, Silva, Sergio, Goncalves, Rui, Ergun, Ozlem, & Soldner, Mallory The Nutritious Supply Chain
  6. 2016 nr.043

    Musegaas, Marieke, Borm, Peter, & Quant, Marieke On the Convexity of Step out - Step in Sequencing Games
  7. 2016 nr.042

    Hamers, Herbert, Husslage, Bart, Lindelauf, R., & Campen, Tjeerd A New Approximation Method for the Shapley Value Applied to the WTC 9/11 Terrorist Attack
  8. 2016 nr.041

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, Borm, Peter, & Hendrickx, Ruud The Procedural Egalitarian Solution
  9. 2016 nr.040

    Suppliet, Moritz, & Herr, Annika Cost-Sharing and Drug Pricing Strategies
  10. 2016 nr.039

    Postek, Krzysztof, Romeijnders, Ward, den Hertog, Dick, & van der Vlerk, Maartne H. Efficient Methods for Several Classes of Ambiguous Stochastic Programming Problems under Mean-MAD Information
  11. 2016 nr.037

    Triepels, Ron, & Daniels, Hennie A Comparison of Three Models to Predict Liquidity Flows between Banks Based on Daily Payments Transactions
  12. 2016 nr.036

    Dalton, P.S., Gonzalez Jimenez, V.H., & Noussair, Charles Self-Chosen Goals
  13. 2016 nr.035

    Khmelnitskaya, A., van der Laan, G., & Talman, Dolf Centrality Rewarding Shapley and Myerson Values for Undirected Graph Games
  14. 2016 nr.034

    de Haas, Ralph, & Poelhekke, Steven Mining Matters
  15. 2016 nr.033

    Nagore Garcia, A., & van Soest, Arthur New Job Matches and their Stability before and during the Crisis
  16. 2016 nr.032

    Gonzalez Jimenez, Victor Believe Me, You are (not) that Bad
  17. 2016 nr.031

    Cervený, Jakub, van Ours, Jan, & van Tuijl, Martin Effects of a Red Card on Goal-Scoring in World Cup Football Matches
  18. 2016 nr.030

    Breaban, Adriana, van de Kuilen, Gijs, & Noussair, Charles Prudence, Personality, Cognitive Ability and Emotional State
  19. 2016 nr.029

    Rothfelder, Mario, & Boldea, Otilia Testing for a Threshold in Models with Endogenous Regressors
  20. 2016 nr.028

    Picchio, Matteo, & van Ours, Jan Temporary Jobs and the Severity of Workplace Accidents
  21. 2016 nr.027

    Dalton, Patricio, Gonzalez Jimenez, Victor, & Noussair, Charles Exposure to Poverty and Productivity
  22. 2016 nr.026

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, Estevez Fernandez, M.A., Borm, Peter, & Hendrickx, Ruud Proportionality, Equality, and Duality in Bankruptcy Problems with Nontransferable Utility
  23. 2016 nr.025

    Musegaas, Marieke, Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Borm, Peter A Note on Shapley Ratings in Brain Networks
  24. 2016 nr.024

    Okullo, Samuel, Reynes, F., & Hofkes, M. Biofuel Mandating and the Green Paradox
  25. 2016 nr.023

    Verstegen, Loes, & Meijdam, Lex The Effectiveness of a Fiscal Transfer Mechanism in a Monetary Union
  26. 2016 nr.022

    Willems, Bert, & Mulder, M. Competition in Retail Electricity Markets
  27. 2016 nr.021

    Larouche, Pierre, & Schütt, Florian Repeated Interaction in Standard Setting
  28. 2016 nr.020

    Attanasio, O., Augsburg, B., & de Haas, Ralph Microcredit Contracts, Risk Diversification and Loan Take-Up
  29. 2016 nr.019

    Abi Morshed, Alaa, Andreou, E., & Boldea, Otilia Structural Break Tests Robust to Regression Misspecification
  30. 2016 nr.018

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Martínez, Constanza, & Cepeda, Freddy Short-Term Liquidity Contagion in the Interbank Market
  31. 2016 nr.017

    Leon Rincon, C.E., & Sarmiento, M. Liquidity and Counterparty Risks Tradeoff in Money Market Networks
  32. 2016 nr.016

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Kim, Geun-Young, Martínez, Constanza, & Lee, Daeyup Equity Markets’ Clustering and the Global Financial Crisis
  33. 2016 nr.015

    Willems, Bert, & Zwart, Gijsbert Regulatory Holidays and Optimal Network Expansion
  34. 2016 nr.014

    Beck, T.H.L., Homanen, M., & Uras, Burak Finance and Demand for Skill
  35. 2016 nr.013

    Rabovic, Renata, & Cizek, Pavel Estimation of Spatial Sample Selection Models
  36. 2016 nr.012

    Engwerda, Jacob, Mahmoudinia, D., & Isfahani, Rahim Dalali Government and Central Bank Interaction under uncertainty
  37. 2016 nr.011

    Okullo, Samuel, & Reynes, F. Imperfect Cartelization in OPEC
  38. 2016 nr.010

    Dixon, R., Lim, G.C., & van Ours, Jan Revisiting Okun's Relationship
  39. 2016 nr.009

    Yao, Yuxin, Ohinata, Asako, & van Ours, Jan The Education Consequences of Language Proficiency for Young Children
  40. 2016 nr.008

    Srivastava, Vatsalya The Sorry Clause
  41. 2016 nr.007

    Khmelnitskaya, A., van der Laan, G., & Talman, Dolf Generalization of Binomial Coefficients to Numbers on the Nodes of Graphs
  42. 2016 nr.006

    Postek, K.S., & den Hertog, D. Multi-stage Adjustable Robust Mixed-Integer Optimization via Iterative Splitting of the Uncertainty set (Revision of CentER Discussion Paper 2014-056)
  43. 2016 nr.005

    Demirgüç-Kunt, A., Horváth, Bálint, & Huizinga, Harry How Does Long-Term Finance Affect Economic Volatility?
  44. 2016 nr.004

    Bertay, Ata, & Uras, Burak Leverage, Bank Employee Compensation and Institutions
  45. 2016 nr.003

    Wang, Ruixin Who Should I Share Risk with? Gifts can tell
  46. 2016 nr.002

    Einmahl, John, Kiriliouk, A., & Segers, J.J.J. A Continuous Updating Weighted Least Squares Estimator of Tail Dependence in High Dimensions
  47. 2016 nr.001

    Kabátek, Jan Happy Birthday, you're Fired!