TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

CentER Discussion Papers 2020

  1. 2020 nr.2020.031

    Leenders, Wouter, Lejour, Arjan, Rabate, Simon, & Riet, Maarten van ‘t Offshore Tax Evasion and Wealth Inequality
  2. 2020 nr.2020.030

    Uras, Burak, & van Buggenum, Hugo Preference Heterogeneity and Optimal Monetary Policy
  3. 2020 nr.035

    Heufer, Jan, van Bruggen, Paul, & Yang, Jingni Giving According to Agreement
  4. 2020 nr.034

    Wipusanawan, Chayanin Standard-Essential Patents and Incentives for Innovation
  5. 2020 nr.033

    Dalton, Patricio, Rüschenpöhler, Julius, Uras, Burak, & Zia, Bilal Curating Local Knowledge
  6. 2020 nr.032

    Ecer, C. Fuat J., & Trautmann, Stefan Done Deal! Advisor impact on Pricing, Premia, Returns, and Deal Completion in M&A
  7. 2020 nr.029

    Stienen, Valentijn, Wagenaar, Joris, den Hertog, Dick, & Fleuren, Hein Optimal Depot Locations for Humanitarian Logistics Service Providers using Robust Optimization
  8. 2020 nr.028

    Berndsen, Ron Five Fundamental Questions on Central Counterparties
  9. 2020 nr.027

    Morais, Bernardo, Ormazabal, Gaizka, Peydro, J.L., Roa, Monica, & Sarmiento Paipilla, Miguel Forward Looking Loan Provisions
  10. 2020 nr.026

    Koenen, Melissa, Balvert, Marleen, Brekelmans, Ruud, Stienen, Valentijn, & Wagenaar, Joris Forecasting the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 is inherently Ambiguous given the Current State of Virus Research
  11. 2020 nr.025

    Einmahl, John, & He, Y. Unified Extreme Value Estimation for Heterogeneous Data
  12. 2020 nr.024

    Schankerman, Mark, & Schuett, Florian Patent Screening, Innovation, and Welfare
  13. 2020 nr.023

    Boone, Jan Pricing above Value: Selling to an Adverse Selection Market
  14. 2020 nr.022

    Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Horvath, Balint L., & Huizinga, Harry Which Firms Benefit from Corporate QE during the COVID-19 Crisis?
  15. 2020 nr.021

    Albrecht, Sabina, Ghidoni, Riccardo, Cettolin, Elena, & Suetens, Sigrid Exposure to Ethnic Minorities Changes Attitudes to Them
  16. 2020 nr.020

    van Dalen, Hendrik Peter How the Publish-or-Perish Principle Divides a Science
  17. 2020 nr.019

    Birhanu, Addis, Geiler, Philipp , Renneboog, Luc, & Zhao, Yang Acquisition Experience and Director Remuneration
  18. 2020 nr.018

    Kang, Liying, Khmelnitskaya, Anna, Shan, Erfang, Talman, A.J.J., & Zhang, Guang The Two-Step Average Tree Value for Graph and Hypergraph Games
  19. 2020 nr.017

    Schouten, Jop, Groote Schaarsberg, Mirjam, & Borm, Peter Cost Sharing Methods for Capacity Restricted Cooperative Purchasing Situations
  20. 2020 nr.016

    Westerhout, Ed The Adverse and Beneficial effects of Front-Loaded Pension Contributions
  21. 2020 nr.015

    Berthet, Philippe, & Einmahl, John Cube Root Weak Convergence of Empirical Estimators of a Density Level Set
  22. 2020 nr.014

    Noussair, C.N., & Popescu, Andreea Victoria Contagion and Return Predictability in Asset Markets
  23. 2020 nr.013

    Lejour, Arjan, & Massenz, Gabriella Income Shifting and Organizational Form Choice
  24. 2020 nr.012

    Westerhout, Ed Pension Reform in the Netherlands
  25. 2020 nr.011

    van Gils, Freek, Müller, Wieland, & Prüfer, Jens Big Data and Democracy
  26. 2020 nr.010

    Penasse, Julien, Renneboog, Luc, & Scheinkman, Jose When a Master Dies
  27. 2020 nr.009

    Einmahl, John, Ferreira, Ana, de Haan, Laurens, Neves, C., & Zhou, C. Spatial Dependence and Space-Time Trend in Extreme Events
  28. 2020 nr.008

    Argenton, Cedric, & Wang, Xiaoyu Litigation and Settlement under Loss Aversion
  29. 2020 nr.007

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Yanovskaya, E. Antiduality in Exact Partition Games
  30. 2020 nr.006

    Schouten, Jop, Saavedra-Nieves, Alejandro, & Fiestras-Janeiro, G. Sequencing Situations and Games with Non-Linear Cost Functions
  31. 2020 nr.005

    Kang, Liying, Khmelnitskaya, Anna, Shan, Erfang, Talman, A.J.J., & Zhang, Guang The Average Tree value for Hypergraph Games
  32. 2020 nr.004

    Einmahl, John, & Segers, Johan Empirical Tail Copulas for Functional Data
  33. 2020 nr.003

    Dietzenbacher, Bas Monotonicity and Egalitarianism (revision of CentER DP 2019-007)
  34. 2020 nr.002

    Sergeeva, Anastasia, Bhardwaj, Akhil, & Dimov, D. Bounding Uncertainty
  35. 2020 nr.001

    Gonzalez-Jimenez, Victor , Dalton, Patricio, & Noussair, Charles The Dark Side of Monetary Bonuses