Verleidingen van crimineel gedrag

Repression and prevention of subversive crime

Subversive crime is a serious problem and is high on society’s agenda, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe. A successful approach requires insight into criminal networks and coordinated action by government and citizens. Tilburg University's aim is to contribute to the practical and scientific understanding of the problem and the development of perspectives for action for society and its institutions. We do this from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

A problem with large scope and impact

The term “subversive” refers to forms of crime that undermine the integrity of companies and social institutions, or in a general sense, have a degrading effect on values and norms. It involves serious and organized crime, often involving drug production and trafficking, criminal motorcycle gangs and violence. However, also crime committed by seemingly respectable companies, such as labor exploitation, fraud with personal care budgets, and environmental crimes. The consequences become visible in investments in real estate, economic activity and criminal “benefactorship.” It is not just a problem of the big(ger) cities, but also of smaller towns in rural areas, and it affects all layers of society.

Tilburg University and tackling subversive crime

Tilburg University has broad expertise in the field of subversive crime. We focus on two main areas:

  1. We contribute to understanding the phenomenon in all its facets. For example, where are (future) risks; what is the behavior of (members of) criminal networks; what are their reactions to government and social interventions; how is the legitimate infrastructure abused; where does the criminal money end up? We do this using both traditional and innovative methods, such as analysis of big data.
  2. We contribute to knowledge about the possibilities to combat subversion. We do this from a broad multidisciplinary framework of legal possibilities and impossibilities, both in criminal law, administrative law, labor law, social law, and tax law; enforcement and repression; care and assistance; increasing social resilience, and coaching and training of professionals.

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Interdisciplinary collaboration

Within Tilburg University, different disciplines collaborate on research on Crime. The disciplines are united in the Community Crime and Subversion. We do this together with the government and civil society organizations such as National Police, Tilburg Municipality, Task force Subversion (AanjaagTeam Ondermijning) ; Center for Crime Prevention and Public Safety (Families). The research is carried out on the basis of various projects, below a selection of them.

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