About Competence Centre for Pension research (CCP)

Pensions enjoy great social and political interest. Despite its top ranking, the Dutch pension system continues to develop. Currently we are on the eve of one of the most fundamental system changes, which is expected to be effectuated as of 2020.

Pensions have a very multidisciplinary nature in which for example economic, legal, tax and sociological perspectives play their part. In addition, some of Tilburg University’s research areas (Aging, Labor Market, BigData and Health Care) are interconnected with pension research.

The Competence Centre for Pension Research (CCP) operates in this background. The area of expertise of CCP is pensions and taxation, both in a national and international perspective. Taxation strongly influences the development of the pension system. The multidisciplinary nature of pensions also results in frequent collaborations with other disciplines, for example through Netspar. 

Organization and partners

CCP was founded in 1995 as part of Tilburg law school and Fiscal Institute Tilburg.

With the foundation of CCP the chair 'Fiscal and Legal Aspects of Pensions' was set. In the period 1995-2015 this chair and the chairmanship of CCP was held by Prof. Gerry Dietvorst. In October 2015 Prof. Dietvorst retired. Succession of the chair 'Fiscal and Legal Aspects of Pensions' is expected in 2017.

Since its foundation, CCP provided education and conducted research. The Mastercourse ‘Fiscal and Legal Aspects of Pensions’ has always been a highly rated and popular elective. Besides the educational aspects, CCP’s research resulted in many national and international articles, including papers, legislative evaluations and dissertations.

CCP is financed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax N.V. (PwC). PwC has been involved in de funding of CCP since 2011 and became the main sponsor in 2016.