Tilburg Law and Economics Center

TILEC supports and stimulates academic research on the governance of economic activity. It fosters academically path breaking and practically relevant research and aims to be a leading center worldwide.

Discussion Papers TILEC


  • Power to the energy consumers

    Author: Saskia Lavrijssen

    Discussion Paper 2017-012

  • Analysis of Current Trends and a First Assessment of the New Package

    Authors: Leigh Hancher, Francesco Maria Salerno

    Discussion Paper 2017-011

  • An integrated regulatory framework for digital networks and services

    Authors: Alexandre De Streel, Pierre Larouche

    Discussion Paper 2017-010

  • The ‘Unmediated’ and ‘Tech-Driven’ Corporate Governance of Today's Winning Companies

    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Wulf A. Kaal, Erik P.M. Vermeulen

    Discussion Paper 2017-009

  • Public value tensions for Dutch DSOs in times of energy transition: a legal approach

    Author: Marga Edens
    Discussion Paper 2017-008

  • Providing efficient network access to green power generators: A long-term propertyrights perspective.

    Authors: Georgios Petropoulos, Bert Willems
    Discussion Paper 2017-007
  • Competing with Big Data

    Authors: Jens Prüfer, Christoph Schottmüller
    Discussion Paper 2017-006
  • Perks or Peanuts? The Dollar Profits to Insider Trading

    Authors: Peter Cziraki, Jasmin Gider      
    Discussion Paper 2017-005
  • Injuctive relief in FRAND disputes in the EU

    Authors: Pierre Larouche, Nicolo Zingales
    Discussion Paper 2017-004
  • Between the Green Pitch and the Red Tape: The Private Legal Order of FIFA

    Authors: Annemarie Balvert, Branislav Hock, Oguz Kirman, Suren Gomtsian
    Discussion Paper 2017-003