Research Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

Research projects

TILT's  research is mainly performed within large international (EU-funded) and national (NWO and publicly-privately funded) projects

Research program

TILT's input in these projects is guided by an overarching five-year research program. The overall aim of this program is to gain a deeper understanding of the complex ways in which technology, regulation, and normative notions interact and shape each other. We investigate the ways in which technological developments affect regulation, basic societal patterns and normative frameworks and vice versa.

Examples of research

Therefore, the research not only focuses on the various dilemmas in regulation emerging technologies, for example, combining security with privacy and freedom with ownership of information. It also explores system transitions and shifts in roles and responsibilities, for instance the transformation of the role of patients in the organization of care by telecare applications and the impact of these changes on traditional patterns of trust attribution and the division of individual, professional and organizational responsibilities.

National and International

TILT plays an active role in shaping research agendas in national and international settings.

"It is fascinating how studying the regulation of emerging technologies deepens your understanding of the role of law in 21st-century society"

Bert Jaap Koops

Professor Regulation and Technology