Tilburg Sustainability Center

Honorary Doctorates Sustainability Center

John A. List - 2014

Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago

John List received an honorary doctorate of Tilburg University for his path-breaking work on the use of field experiments in economics as well as for his contributions to environmental economics. Because of his research it is now possible to test behavioral economic theory in everyday practice – with respect to solving environmental problems, but also with respect to raising educational outcomes of disadvantaged children. He has raised this research area to a higher level with his originality, expertise, and impact.

Sir Partha Dasgupta - 2012

Professor and Research Fellow at Manchester and Cambridge University

Sir Partha Dasgupta received an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the theme "economic growth and sustainability". He fostered the field of environmental economics because of his path-breaking work on optimal resource management and environmental conservation and poverty alleviation in developing countries, among other fields.

Al Gore - 2010

Former Vice President of the U.S. and founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection Al Gore received an honorary doctorate for the work he has done to put sustainable development and climate change on society's agenda. His steadfast efforts have brought the worlds of politics, society and science closer together. Al Gore's core message for the world is that sustainability must form the basis of the economy in the 21st century.