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Researchers IMOBEX

  • Toine Spapens

    Prof. Dr. Toine Spapens

    Tilburg University

    (project manager) is full professor of Criminology and head of the Department of Criminal Law. Since the early 1990s, he has done extensive empirical research on (organized) crime and its containment, and on international law enforcement cooperation. Topics include inter alia trafficking in illicit firearms, ecstasy production, large-scale cannabis cultivation, illegal gambling, criminal families, and criminals involved in philanthropic activities. He also focuses on environmental crimes, specifically waste-related offenses.

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  • TSB - Martijn Groenleer

    Prof. Dr. Martijn Groenleer

    Tilburg University

    is full professor of Regional Law and Governance at the Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG). He is an expert in the field of governance and multi-agency approaches to subversive and organised crime. He co-initiated and developed the methodology of field labs to better equip enforcement professionals in the fight against complex crime problems through training and coaching, particularly in the shape of cooperation between criminal law enforcement, administrative enforcement agencies, the Tax authority, and other public and private partners.

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  • Conny Rijken

    Prof. Dr. Conny Rijken

    Tilburg University

    is full professor of Human Trafficking and Globalisation at the Department of Criminal Law. She is an expert in the field of human trafficking and migration studies and contributed to a wide range of EU funded projects focusing on these topics. She also advises the Dutch National police,  public prosecution service, and other governmental agencies.

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  • Melina Mouris

    Tilburg University

    is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law and specialises in cross-border crime and its containment. She studied Criminal Law and International and European law at Tilburg University.

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  • Manuela Nitu


    is assistant criminal analyst at SELEC. She holds close to 10 years of experience in working in the law enforcement crime analysis field. She started her career as an intelligence analyst within the Romanian Police in 2010 and joined SELEC analytical unit in 2015 where she drafts  operational and strategic analytical reports focused on various types of transborder serious and organized crime. She is a graduate of the Police Academy in Bucharest and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in law and a Master’s degree in human rights.

  • Prof. Dr. Dina Siegel

    Utrecht University

    is full professor of Criminology  and works for the Willem Pompe institute for Criminal Law and Criminology. She focuses on organised crime from a cultural criminological perspective. Her recent studies include mobile banditry, illegal migration, and wildlife crime.

  • Dr. Elena Krsmanovic

    Utrecht University

    is assistant professor of Criminology and works for Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology. She focuses on mobility crimes, human trafficking, and migration.

  • Prof. Dr. Aleksandras Dobryninas

    Vilnius University

    is a full professor of Sociology, Head of the Department of Criminology at the Institute of Sociology and Social Work. He focuses on corruption, media presentation of crime, and perception of criminal justice in society. His last publications cover the problems of corruption and organized crime in Lithuania, homicides issues, and criminological education.

  • Dr. Ausra Pociene

    Vilnius University

    is assistant professor and a member of the Department of Criminology at the Institute of Sociology and Social Work; her fields of interests are juvenile crime, criminal justice policy,  and urban safety.