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I am a Professor of Regional Law and Governance at the Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG), the Head of the Politics and Public Administration Section, and a Scientific Director at the Tilburg Center for Regional Law and Governance (TiREG), all at Tilburg University. I studied public administration and received my doctorate (cum laude) from Leiden University. From 2007 to 2015, I was an Assistant and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology. I was also a Fulbright-Schuman Research Fellow at Harvard University and a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2012, I was awarded a prestigious NWO Veni grant aimed at analysis as well as design of multi-actor and multilevel regulation and governance. In recent years, the region - in its various sizes and shapes - is increasinlgy at the heart of my research.


At Tilburg University, I teach in the Public Administration bachelor and the master programmes and supervise several master and PhD students. I am also active in a number of executive education programmes including those of the Management Development Bureau (ABD) for higher civil servants in the Netherlands, the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB), and the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). Topics on which I teach include public decision making, policy implementation, regulatory supervision and enforcement, regional coordination and collaboration, performance measurement, and strategic public management.



I am closely collaborating with other scholars, companies and governments - in the region, the Netherlands and internationally. For example, I am one of the coordinators of the Organized Crime Field Lab (OCFL), in which I collaborate with among others the National Police, the Public Prosecutors Office, the tax office, local and regional governments, and private parties, as well as with Harvard University and the University of Oxford. I am also leading an EU-funded project on energy neutral neighborhoods (SMILE), in which regional and local governments, energy cooperatives and a private company experiment with innovative governance approaches. Together with Utrecht University, Birch and Berenschot, I am involved in a project in which we monitor - in real time - the governance of the Region Deals that have recently been negotiated by the central government and various regions in the Netherlands.

Recent publications

  1. The regional governance of energy-neutral housing

    de Leeuw, L., & Groenleer, M. (2018). The regional governance of energy-neutral housing: Toward a framework for analysis. Sustainability, 10(10), 1-20. [3726].
  2. Subnational mobilization and the reconfiguration of central-local rel…

    Groenleer, M., & Hendriks, F. (2018). Subnational mobilization and the reconfiguration of central-local relations in the shadow of Europe: The case of the Dutch decentralized unitary state. Regional & Federal Studies, 1-23.
  3. Differentiatie in Regionale Governance en de Relatie met Economische …

    Groenleer, M., Stam, E., Tordoir, P., Verba, M., Broekman, C., & Ponds, R. (2018). Differentiatie in Regionale Governance en de Relatie met Economische Groei en Ontwikkeling. (Onderzoek in opdracht van het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties). Amsterdam / Tilburg / Utrecht: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken.
  4. Governing through visions

    Dignum, M., Correlje, A., Groenleer, M., & Scholten, D. (2018). Governing through visions: Evaluating the performativity of the European gas target models. Energy Research & Social Science, 35(January ), 193-204.
  5. Implementatie van de Omgevingswet

    Kamroun, N., & Groenleer, M. (2018). Implementatie van de Omgevingswet: Flexibiliteit en rechtszekerheid in de waterschapsverordening. Milieu en Recht, 45(10), 704-711.

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