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Open Education is the umbrella term for freely available education and educational resources. The university wants to stimulate OE on the assumption that sharing material increases the quality of the educational material, increases the visibility of the institution, and, in the end, results in saving on expenses. After all, why should, for example, an introduction to statistics have to be made each time again?

When we talk about Open Education, we mean both educational resources that can be shared and edited (Open Educational Resources) and full lessons and courses that are freely available and can be attended at any location. Of course, The MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) undoubtedly stand out.

As part of Open Science, we also support Open Education. One of the first results is Babylon’s Burning: TSHD video lectures in the form of an American talk show.

Open Education: Ico Maly on Algorithmic populism

Do you want to contribute?

There are, of course, many other possibilities. Would you perhaps like to publish your reader as an Open Textbook? Are you in possession of recordings of lectures that you want to release in an attractive way? In any case, the Open Science Community would like to contribute ideas and offer assistance, and invites lecturers to contact the Open Science coordinator Daan Rutten.

“Babylon is Burning”: an Open Access initiativ

 Jan Blommaert, Babylon

by Professor Jan Blommaert

In the beginning of 2019, the Babylon research institute at TiU and the TiU-DCU Diggit Magazine started broadcasting a series of academic talk shows called “Babylon is Burning”.

The talk shows are an instrument to bring high-level academic content, produced and controlled by academics, to a wide audience in a contemporary format embedded in popular digital media culture.

The format design itself is research-based and the reactions of audiences are research objectives.  Babylon and Diggit thus engage in a unique project to construct academic digital culture while studying it. The talk shows will be broadcast on Diggit Magazine and YouTube.

Open Access is one of the main policy priorities of academic authorities and governments worldwide, and various measures have been taken and implemented in view of the goal of making academic content widely available, not only to the scholarly community but also to the public beyond the confines of research institutes.

Read the article by Jan Blommaert

Video: Open Educational Resources and Open Textbooks

Michiel de Jong (TU Delft) on Open Educational Resources and the Open Textbooks project ( at the university of Delft.

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