Residence permit

Residence permit

Since you are a citizen of a non-EU / EEA country (except Switzerland) and you would like to stay in the Netherlands for a period of more than three months, you are obliged to obtain a residence permit. This permit must be valid from at least the first day of registration of the relevant academic year until August 31 of that academic year.

Action to be taken by student:

Deposit a copy of the front and back of your residence permit in the white mailbox of the Student Desk at the reception of Academia Building. You may also mail them to: Tilburg University, Student Desk A 301, PO Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg.

Exception: in case you are a new student at Tilburg University and you are already in the possession of a Dutch residence permit applied for by another educational institution, you will be contacted by the Immigration Team around July/August for the September intake or around December/January for the February intake about the immigration procedure. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Immigration Team.