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Handling personal data with care

Who can I contact with my questions about personal data?

Each organizational unit has its own first point of contact for questions relating to privacy and the GDPR.

Academic Services

Pam Dupont

Privacy Ambassadors Academic Services

Student Administration and Student Desk Suzanne Roozekrans
Language Center Anneke Smits
International Office Adnan Iskenderkaptanoglu
Student Development Femke Willekens
Teacher Development Gökhan Bedir
Education Support Team TLS Pauline Snoep
Education Support Team TSB Niels van de Ven
Education Support Team TiSEM Vacancy
Education Support Team TSHD Hélène Spiertz
Education Support Team TST Jack de Mooij
Grant Support Cindy van de Wal
Policy Staff

Hilde Augusteijn

Knowledge Transfer Office Karen Lanning
DAF Technology Lab Maarten Horden

Facility Services

Finance and Control

Human Resources

Library and IT Services

Marketing and Communication

Subrepresentatives  Marketing and Communication

DARO Joost Groen 

Research Support Teams Schools

Catholic Theology Nico de Groot
Economics and Management Anne Brouwer
Humanities and Digital Sciences Monica Lensink
Law Janneke Kops
Social and Behavioral Sciences Jeske de Vet