What should you arrange in advance if you are going to use, store, or share personal data? What is allowed, what is not allowed, and how do you ensure that you comply with Privacy legislation (GDPR) and university rules? Tilburg University has developed policies regarding privacy and protection of personal data.

Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

Tilburg University is providing transparency with regard to what Tilburg University does with personal data and assigning duties, powers and responsibilities within the organization. The Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy safeguards the quality of personal data processing by stipulating the basic principles and procedures and ensuring a good balance between privacy, security and functionality. The policy provides a framework for assessing personal data processing in accordance with established best practices or standards by which Tilburg University complies with European and Dutch laws and regulations. There is an important relationship and partial overlap with the related policy area of information management and information security. The policy is in line with the Fair Information Principles.

As an employee, what do I need to think about?

For employees, specific procedures and models  (login required) are available via intranet. The pages below provide more information about privacy issues you may encounter in your daily work.