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Contact persons

Who is responsible for what? Providing an adequate level of data protection (and thus complying with the AVG) is a responsibility of all Tilburg University employees. Each organizational unit has its own first point of contact for questions relating to privacy and the GDPR.

Management and Executive Board

The management (i.e. the Executive Board and the directors, but possibly also lower management) is responsible for compliance with the AVG. The Executive Board has final responsibility.

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (FG/DPO) is responsible for monitoring compliance with the AVG. The FG, Mr. Moswa Herregodts, can be reached at fg@tilburguniversity.edu.

Working group Privacy & Security

The Privacy & Security working group consists of employees of LIS Information Security, the CISO Office, Privacy and the GRC Officer. The working group has the task:

  • Advising the Executive Board on strategic privacy issues
  • Advising on theme/departmental policies defined by management and/or Data Representatives
  • Defining university wide processes, procedures and models (e.g. processor agreements, DPIA, rights of data subjects)
  • Initiating and promoting awareness.
  • Deciding on the legitimacy of (intended) processing of personal data at the request of management or data representatives

The working group can be reached via privacysecurity@tilburguniversity.edu.

Data Representatives

The Data Representatives work within the various divisions and schools:

  • First point of contact for employees in case of questions about the protection of personal data.
  • Drawing up faculty or divisional policy;
  • Jointly draw up and maintain theme policies/procedures with the other Data Representatives, in the case of cross-faculty or divisional matters;
  • Drawing up the privacy statement;
  • Facilitate the execution of a DPIA;
  • Assist with the completion of the processing register;
  • Facilitate the conclusion of processing contracts;
  • The Data Representative may be asked to check the legitimacy of occasional benefits.


Every Tilburg University employee is responsible for data protection in relation to the activities he or she carries out. The employee must understand the data protection rules, what he or she must do to ensure compliance and how to apply the rules in daily activities.  In the event of a breach of the rules, the employee must immediately inform the Data Protection Officer (FG).

Do you have any questions about privacy, the protection of personal data or security? Please contact the contact person of your division or school (see below). 

Academic Services
GeneralPam Dupont
Student Administration and Student DeskSuzanne Roozekrans
Language CenterAnneke Smits
International OfficeAdnan Iskenderkaptanoglu
Student DevelopmentFemke Willekens
Teaching & Learning Center Twan van der Zanden
Education Support Team TLSPauline Snoep
Education Support Team TSBNiels van de Ven
Education Support Team TiSEMLeopold van Well
Education Support Team TSHDIngrid Ben Avi
Lindy Odijk
Education Support Team TSTSusanna Wolfert-de Vries
Grant SupportCindy van de Wal
Policy StaffHilde Augusteijn
Knowledge Transfer OfficeTamara Gosens 
DAF Technology LabIlse Souhail-van de Pol
Executive Services
GeneralMax de Bruin
Facility Services
GeneralHarald Pilwin
Procurement & Contract ManagementHarald Pilwin
Facilities & HospitalityMaud Spoor
Real Estate ManagementLieke Sulsters
Sports CenterMarcel Oomens
Sports CenterSjaak Kolsteren
Policy, Innovation and DevelopmentIrene van Looij
Finance and Control
GeneralTimo Slikboer
Human Resources
Library and IT Services
Marketing and Communication
Research Support Teams Schools
Catholic TheologyNico de Groot
Economics and ManagementJuliana Thomazini
Humanities and Digital SciencesMonica Lensink
LawDjara Braggaar
Social and Behavioral SciencesJeske de Vet