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New and improved version of Library Access

Published: 16th August 2023 Last updated: 16th August 2023

by Richard Broekman on July 25th, 2023

The (Lean) Library Access browser extension has been updated. Not only is the appearance different from the old version, the functionality has also been improved. You can personalize the settings of the extension much better to match own wishes. In addition, it is now easy to temporarily disable the extension, for example during weekends or holidays.

At this time, the new version is only available for Chrome. The extensions in other browsers will be renewed in the coming weeks and will still work in the old layout until then.

Changing settings

The new pop-up screen has a slider to temporarily pause the extension. With the home icon you get to the notifications for a site and with the wheel icon you adjust all settings (see below).

You can adjust settings under General, Notifications, and Integrations.


  • Choose the institution(s) you are connected to. In addition to Tilburg University, you can activate a second institution, for example if you also work or study at another university.
  • Adjust the size of the text to your own preference.
  • The floating button is an additional option to open the extension. You can determine the position of this button yourself or turn it off completely.


  • Let me decide which sites I see messages on
    • You can choose whether you want to see notifications per site. Turn this option on. You will then be given the option with each pop-up to set that it will no longer be shown on the relevant sites in the future.
    • When this option is turned on, you can see under Sites I've blocked on which sites you do not want to receive notifications. You can remove sites from the list to see notifications again in the future.
  • Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups
    • Turn this on to log in directly to a site that you have access to via Tilburg University. As soon as you arrive at a site that you have access to, you will be automatically redirected and logged in. Want more control over access? If you turn this option off, you'll be notified as soon as you visit a site that you can access. You then choose whether you actually want to log in.
  • Show me the option to register for email alerts with Google Scholar
    • Turn this on to see Google Scholar links that allow you to subscribe to journal tables of contents. If you don't need this, turn it off.
  • Notify me
    • Set your preference for the type of notifications you want to see about available publications.


  • The extension offers integration with Scite.Ai. By default, this is set so that you see information about available citations at Google Scholar. Do you also want to see this information when you view an article on a publisher site? Then activate the option Display badges on publisher site. No need for this information at all? Then set the integration to Disabled.

Note: : the integration with Zotero is no longer available.


More information about these settings can also be found on the vendor's support site.Nieuwe en verbeterde versie van Library Access