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About Tilburg University

Tilburg University is an inclusive and engaged academic community, and as a community we are dedicated to sustainable broad prosperity for all. For today’s and future generations. We develop and share knowledge for the benefit of people and our society. In this way we contribute to solving complex societal issues and help society move forward.

We educate our students to be responsible leaders with knowledge, skills, and character. Inspired by our drive towards broad prosperity, our education and research are fully committed to such themes as mental and preventive healthcare, an inclusive labor market, the energy transition, and digitalization.

Broad prosperity in four connected themes

  • Tilburg University continues to work towards improving wellbeing for all.
  • Tilburg University takes up its societal role by ensuring that everyone can continue to participate in a changing labor market.
  • Tilburg University takes its responsibility with regard to climate change.
  • Tilburg University sees digitalization as a driver of innovation that presents challenges as well as opportunities
Wim van de Donk 2021

Wim van de Donk, rector magnificus:

Ours is a university to be proud of! On a vibrant campus, keen and committed lecturers, researchers, students, and support staff form a close-knit community. 

We have been that community for nearly a century, and we are fired up to put our knowledge, skills, and character to use for the good of society - in the city, the region, the Netherlands, Europe, and even the world. In interdisciplinary collaborations, we are pioneering solutions to many of today's pressing societal challenges such as hunger, poverty, broad prosperity, and energy transition.

Co-creation by multidisciplinary collaboration

Today’s pressing societal issues can only be resolved through in-depth knowledge of the social scienceseconomics, law and governancethe humanities, and theology. And by using the potential of digital sciences as well as the knowledge of how these developments impact on today’s society. We need these strong disciplines and up-to-date knowledge to work together in an interdisciplinary environment on genuinely pioneering solutions.

Our students, staff, alumni, and social partners shape our academic community, and together we create the knowledge society needs. This requires unflagging curiosity, the courage to stand up for what truly matters, forging connections between diverse areas of expertise and with civic organizations, and to be caring to society and each other.

Tilburg University’s four core values: Caring, Connected, Curious, and Courageous

students in 2023

including 4,796 international students

Bachelor's & Master's programs

including 43 English taught

alumni since 1927

+11,000  international

Source: Preview Annual Report 2023

Towards Tilburg University’s first centennial

Established in 1927 as Roomsch Katholieke Handelshoogeschool (Roman Catholic Business School), we have now, nearly a century later, grown into a thriving, medium-sized, multi-disciplinary university oriented towards the humanities and social sciences. 

‘Weaving Minds & Characters’ is Tilburg University’s Strategy and outlines what we believe is needed to prepare our university for the next centennial. The Strategy is based on Tilburg University’s four core values Caring, Connected, Curious, and Courageous. 

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In studying people and society, we are constantly looking to expand our knowledge and deepen our understanding. We encourage curiosity through our unique educational profile, which is built on three pillars: Knowledge, Skills, and Character.

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We are connected with society, with other disciplines, and with other cultures. We embrace diversity and we learn from other perspectives and disciplines. We encourage our researchers and students to connect at every opportunity. We work together with partners in regional, national, and international ecosystems. With our strongest disciplines joining forces, we will be amplifying our impact.

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Tilburg University cultivates its culture of cooperation and co-creation – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Performing our core activities, we seek to connect with other educational institutions, the business community, governments, and civic organizations as well as with our alumni at home and abroad. Drawing in part on our excellent cooperation in MindLabs and JADS, the Jheronimus Academy of Data Sciences, we are intensifying our efforts to work together with public and private partners.

The unknown fascinates us and we are keenly aware of the imperative of collaborating with other disciplines. We are curious and we invest in new opportunities digitalization opens up for us to study people and society.

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Facts and figures

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