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Covenant multi-year cooperation in education and research on family firms

Published: 12th September 2022 Last updated: 16th September 2022

On September 2, Brabantse Familiebedrijven Genootschap (BFBG) and Tilburg Institute for Family Business (TiFB, Tilburg University) signed a covenant establishing a long-term cooperation. The aim of the collaboration is to safeguard and strengthen the continuity of family firms in and outside Noord-Brabant.

The cooperation will take shape through the pillars of research and education. The BFBG is a network of over 150 family firms in Noord-Brabant with at least 100 employees. In this network, family firms meet and learn from each other, share knowledge, and reinforce each other with the aim of strengthening the individual members as well as contributing to the strength of the economy in Brabant. The TiFB is a multidisciplinary institute that focuses on the dynamics of family firms. It conducts research and provides education within the broad themes of family businesses where theory and practice reinforce each other.

Creating impact together

By cooperating in education and research, the BFBG and TiFB create impact. Students become more familiar with family firms who will be involved in education and with research we contribute to strengthening family firms not only in the province but also on a national level. Research will focus on relevant themes in family firms.

Photograph: Astrid Kramer (TiFB) and Frank van de Ven (BFBG) sign the covenant

ondertekening convenant samenwerking familibedrijven
More information

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