Research Fiscale Institute Tilburg

Research Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT)

Through a strong synergetic cooperation quality benefits are realized, which is enhance our research in wide areas of taxation (i.e. domestic tax law, European and International tax law, tax assurance, public finance, taxation of family businesses, tax legal theory, etc.), but also our educational programs, which are ranked as top in class (i.e. BSc Fiscale Economie, MScs Fiscale Economie, International Business Taxation master/LLM).

Our Signature plans

In recent years, our research focus goal has been on sustainable taxation law. In our current research program Connecting organizations Private, Tax and Technology-Driven Legal Relations in a Sustainable Society , we cooperate with members of the department of Private, Business & Labour law.

With this research plan (‘Signature Plan’), we aim at a better understanding of how the (tax) law enables, supports and challenges organizations to connect with their stakeholders in a sustainable manner. We consider new connecting organizational structures enabled by new technologies that may foster and challenge sustainable activities, using three interrelated themes: sustainability, servitization and technology. 

Our research partners

Our staff work closely together with both national and international partners.

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