Tilburg Law School

Montesquieu Lectures

The Tilburg Law School proudly hosts the annual Montesquieu Lectures since 2003, to commemorate its foundation in 1963, forty years earlier. Leading academics from all over the world are invited to deliver a lecture that, drawing on their area of expertise, approaches contemporary societal issues in a way that is accessible to the academic community, including but not limited to legal scholars and students.

The lectures, together with a response by a Tilburg Law School academic, are published in Open Access format, as of 2016, in the second yearly issue of the Tilburg Law Review.



Previous lectures
Year Lecturer Title
2019 Prof. Saskia Sassen Predatory Formations Dressed in Wall Street Suits and Algorithm Math
2018 Prof. David Kennedy Law, Expertise and Global Political Economy
2017 Prof. Boaventura de Sousa Santos The Resilience of Abyssal Exclusions in Our Societies. Toward a Post-Abyssal Law
2016 Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im The Spirit of Laws is not Universal: Alternatives to the Enforcement Paradigm for Human Rights
2012 Neil Walker Intimations of Global Law
2010 Aharon Barak The Jurisprudence of Aharon Barak
2009 William Twining Globalisation and Legal Scholarship
2007 Tom R. Tyler Psychology and the Design of Legal Institutions
2006 James Boyd White When Language Meets the Mind: Three Questions
2004 Brian. Z. Tamanaha The Perils of Pervasive Legal instrumentalism