Tilburg Law School

About Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School (TLS) was established in 1963 and evolved to a Law School with a high scientific and educational status. TLS has a strong social commitment and innovates it's research and education agile to societies' rapid developments. More than 4,000 students are currently enrolled in its law programs and the school employs more than 500 staff.


There are 5 departments at TLS. They are responsible for the study programs and research. 


Faculty Board

The Law School Board is responsible for the daily business within the Law School and also for the organization and coordination of the educational and research programs.

Geert VervaekeDean
Stéphanie van GulijkVice-Dean Education
Elies van SliedregtVice-Dean Research
Allisha HosliStudent advisor
Hilco KivitsManaging Director
Evelien van LeeuwenExecutive Secretary
Femke Abousalama Personal assistant Dean

The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the most important advisory body of representatives within the faculty. It is comprised of seven students and seven members of staff. The Faculty Council looks after the views and needs of students and staff in the fields of 

Evelien van LeeuwenSecretary Faculty Council

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Unwanted behavior

Are you experiencing unwanted behavior within TLS? If possible, discuss this with the person concerned. If you cannot resolve it together, contact your supervisor, your HR advisor, or, if that does not yield satisfactory results, contact the TiU confidential advisors.

If you are a PhD student at TLS, you can contact the following confidential advisors:


What can be organized in a decentralized way is invested in the Education Organization. In the Education Board organization, there is a shared responsibility between the Faculty Board (especially the Vice-Dean of Education) on the one hand and the academic directors on the other hand. 

Academic directors

Each program has an academic director. Under the leadership of the Vice-Dean of Education, the academic director is responsible for the design and quality assurance of the study program and, among other things, for the coherence of the program and the provision of information.

Program committees

In addition, there are the program committees that advise the Faculty Board. The Examination Board has its own responsibility with regard to examinations and all forms of testing known to the Law School.

Advisory councils

Law Schools Global League

Tilburg Law School is a member of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL). LSGL is a collaboration between various law schools interested in the globalization of law, and strives to integrate global law into their education and research. The LSGL aims to stimulate academic debate and cooperation in education and research, focusing on the globalization of law.