Tilburg University department Cognitive Neuropsychology

Department Cognitive Neuropsychology

As cognitive and clinical neuropsychologists, the Department Cognitive Neuropsychology (CNP) is interested in the interplay between brain and behavior.


Our basic research addresses how information from the ear and eye is integrated (multisensory integration). Our clinical research focuses on neuroplasticity. Different projects investigate the potential to change the structure and function of the brain through cognitive and behavioral stimulation in order to improve rehabilitation in patients ( e.g. braintumor, stroke, COPD patients), and overall functioning in healthy individuals. Our databases include large patient- and specific healthy control populations (e.g. top athletes, CEO's). Additional interest lies in translating insights from brain research to the public and integrating scientific knowledge into the field of business, sports, politics and education.


We teach 6 courses in the Bachelor program Psychology, and 2 courses in the 2-year Master program 'Medical Psychology'. In this master, students are trained as scientist-practitioners in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology.